Would Cody Rhodes Do The Same Thing The Rock Did?, More


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Spend a few minutes watching the Zeb Colter character on WWE TV and one cannot help but think that he has a military background. Well, that’s because he does. The man formerly known as Dutch Mantel actually served in the United States military, where he fought in the Vietnam War.

— Whether it is fair or not, a lot of fans bash The Rock for turning his back on wrestling and leaving for Hollywood. During a recent interview, Cody Rhodes assures that he would never do the same thing. The longtime WWE star stated that he would only take big roles in Hollywood movies if the producers acknowledged his wrestling background. Rhodes said:

“I always said absolutely not, but if a man was to walk in and tell me, Alright, you’re going to be in Fast and the Furious 35, for instance, I’d be running with him. I would only want to do it as a pro wrestler, like Cody Rhodes from WWE in something, because my home is the ring, I don’t really have any ambition to platform into another form of entertainment.”

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