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Jackie Crockett Passes Away, Scott Hudson Pays Tribute



Charles Jackson “Jackie” Crockett passed away on Wednesday at 7:22 PM, after spending a month in the hospital.

Crockett was the lead cameraman for Jim Crockett Promotions and also worked for WCW until the last episode of Nitro.

Pwinsider is reporting that Jackie had a good relationship with many talents he worked with.

David Crockett said, “It has been a long journey for Jackie and he went out his way. Tonight Jackie’s breathing was very labored and when we thought he was gone, he would come back like a wrestling false finish.”

Crockett will be buried in Bristol, Virginia, next to his brother Jim Crockett Jr. and their parents. The funeral details are yet to be announced.

Former WCW announcer Scott Hudson paid tribute to Crockett. He said,

“Jackie Crockett was strictly a live event cameraman. He never was in the studio. He was always on the road. When I first went on the road to do television, at my first Nitro, Jackie introduced himself to me.

He was always the nicest guy in the building. Always looked like he was about to crack up at some joke no one else had heard. When he introduced himself, he said, ‘…and my family used to own this company.”

I said, “So your last name”s Turner?”

He popped and then I popped. I told him of course I knew who he was and it was an honor to work with him. We became fast friends afterward.

If there was an, how you say, inappropriate camera angle to be had of something at ringside or in the crowd, Jackie would shoot it then look at us and wink. As if to say, ‘I got that!’

He was one of the highlights of working at WCW.

RIP Jackie.

Thoughts and prayers to David and all of Jackie’s family.“

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