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The Von Erichs Haven’t Signed Anywhere Yet – ‘Good Stuff Is On The Horizon’



Marshall Von Erich recently expressed his belief that he and his brother Ross will soon secure a contract with a prominent wrestling promotion.

On a recent edition of their “Von Erich Podcast,” the duo clarified that they have not finalized any agreements but hinted at the possibility of positive developments in the near future.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Marshall on if they’ve signed anywhere: “We haven’t signed pen to paper anything yet. But I would love to spill some beans and stuff right now, but good stuff is on the horizon. I know we’ve been saying that, but my brother and I, we always like to stay hopeful, no matter what. Professional wrestling is where our hearts are, it’s where our passion’s at, and that’s why we made the jump to Texas. We wanted to give professional wrestling everything that we have to honor the family that were honored to be a part of. So yeah, as soon as we can announce, we’ll tell you guys. Good news is coming. It’s a good month to be a Von Erich.”

Ross on the support of fans: “All the people that have sent us messages over the years, saying you guys deserve it and stuff, it’s really to prove you guys right because that’s so encouraging. It really helps us stay on the path. The business can get discouraging at times. You feel overlooked at times, and I just think now’s the time. Things are moving, we’re talking to people.”

Marshall on their relationship with AEW: “Yeah, we’ve been doing shows with them. We haven’t signed with them, or we’ll see in the future. We’ll see. But we love AEW, we love Tony [Khan]. We love everything about that company. Honestly for us, the more wrestling options the better. WWE, AEW, I hope a third company comes up. I think it’s good for professional wrestling.”

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