WWE Clash of Champions Results: Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE Clash of Champions PPV event:

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

McIntyre and Orton started brawling. Orton got the upperhand until Big Show came out while wearing a mask and chokeslammed Orton through the announce table. This allowed McIntyre to get the offense going outside of the ring.

They brawled up towards the ambulance and McIntyre hit him a few times with a chair. McIntyre went for the Claymore Kick, but Orton moved and in the process kicked the door off. While brawling backstage, Christain appeared and attacked Orton until he was told to leave.

Orton sent McIntyre back first into the windshield of the ambulance. Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music to Orton off the top of the ambulance, which sent him through a crash pad. Orton hit an RKO to McIntyre on the floor. Orton put McIntyre into the ambulance and was close to shutting the door, but McIntyre stopped him. McIntyre with a Claymore Kick to Orton and then hit a Punt Kick for the win. 

Winner: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

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