WWE Returning To Free TV In Germany – Details


Credit: Matys Marco and Pwinsider.com

Last week, TNA’s expired TV deal with Sport1 sparked rumors that they could debut on Tele 5 in April, as Tele 5-CEO Kai Blasberg teased a few weeks back.

Instead it’s WWE returning to German free TV with a 2 hour version of the newest episode of Monday Night Raw every Thursday night at 10:15 pm on Tele 5, beginning with the episode after WrestleMania.

25 years after Tele 5 was the very first TV channel WWE debuted on German TV, it’s a bit like WWE returns home. The original Tele 5 aired WWE from 1989-1992 and 2003-2007.

“Monday Night Raw is an entertainment phenomenon, which hooks an audience around the world”, Kai Blasberg said in today’s press release. “Now we’re giving the German free-TV audience an absolute highlight of entertainment back.”

“WWE is excited about its partnership with Tele 5”, said Stefan Kastenm├╝ller, WWE General Manager in Germany. “Our teams in Germany will join the programme with a lot of activities to deliver the best in live events, PPVs, consumer products and digital platform.”

This is instead a huge deal for WWE in Germany. Ever since April 1998 when falling apart with DSF (now known as Sport1) Raw just returned with 1-hour-international versions on the German.

Since February of 2011 Sky airs Raw in its full version and live. However, the situation on the pay-tv market is struggling, too. Sky and WWE are negotiating a new deal, as their current 3-year-deal is about to expire before WrestleMania XXX. Sky hasn’t even advertised WrestleMania officially yet. So it’ll be interesting to see if the deal on Sky stays the same – especially now since a 2-hour version of Raw will debut on the free TV market, while this version regularly airs Wednesdays on Sky Sport.

WWE returning to free TV with a 2 hour version of Raw is indeed huge news over here in Germany and a great opportunity.

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