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Austin Theory Says His Career Could’ve Ended In The 2022 Elimination Chamber Match



In a recent interview with The West Sport, Austin Theory spoke about the Elimination Chamber and how dangerous the structure is. He said,

“To be honest, there’s nothing more dangerous in the WWE than the Elimination Chamber. And, I think I’m the perfect man to answer that question. If you take it back to my first Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship, I was one of the last competitors left in there. But, I was with Brock Lesnar and I got F5’d off the top of the chamber. And, I could’ve nearly ended my career there.”

The 2022 men’s Elimination Chamber match was won by Brock Lesnar who would capture the WWE Championship inside the barbaric structure.

Lesnar would lose the title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38, unifying the WWE and Universal Championships in the process.

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