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Bayley On Her Royal Rumble Win, Jordynne Grace’s Cameo, Jade Cargill’s Debut, Dusty Rhodes



On Saturday night, Bayley punched her ticket to WrestleMania XL by outlasting 29 Superstars in the 2024 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match.

During the post-show media scrum, Bayley shared her thoughts on TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace who made a surprise appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Grace entered the 2024 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match at #5, lasting 11 minutes and 32 seconds before being eliminated by Bianca Belair.

Bayley also discussed her landmark victory, Jade Cargill’s WWE in-ring debut, Dusty Rhodes’ influence, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the press conference below:

On if winning the Royal Rumble lived up to her expectations: “Yeah, but a little bit crazier. I was excited to point to the sign but from what I remembered, I thought only the sign had the fireworks and I was just expecting the sign to have fireworks but as it was happening, it kept going, more and more, all over the whole stadium, and in my head I was like, did they always do this or is this just for me? Are they super proud of me? It was a lot more than I was expecting.”

On her character evolution being true to herself: “I have been myself this whole time. I’ve said it in interviews, my whole career and my whole character change has been real. When I first started, I was excited to be here, this was the coolest thing ever, it was my dream. And as things weren’t going my way over the years and nobody was latching on, I had to do something to save my career. So everything I’ve been doing has been real and natural and this is who I am now. So if you guys are liking it, and you guys want to see me win, hell yeah, I’ve been telling you guys I should be winning these matches. Let’s celebrate together.”

On Jordynne Grace’s surprise WWE debut: “Very big surprise, to be honest, which is just cool seeing someone come from a different world. We like throwing those surprises out there. She’s super solid, very strong, I’d stay away from her.”

On Jade Cargill being part of the Royal Rumble match: “And having Jade finally come out, just seems like there is so much potential there and everybody is so excited to see what she did and she proved her presence with so many different moments she had there. I was close to eliminating her though so she should be scared of me.”

On Dusty Rhodes’ influence on her: “They had to pull me in to extra promo classes and make me do interviews because I was so shy but Dusty just seeing something in me, whatever I was shy to share, he wanted me to embrace because he knew that was what was going to connect me with people and that’s what saved me. I would have given up, like in my first month I wanted to be done, so yeah, thank you.”

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