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NewsWWEBooker T Originally Didn’t Think Two Nights Of WrestleMania Would Work

Booker T Originally Didn’t Think Two Nights Of WrestleMania Would Work



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed how in 2020, he didn’t believe having two nights of WrestleMania would work.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On initially thinking two nights of WrestleMania wouldn’t work: “I’ll tell you what, I didn’t think the two nights was gonna work out. I mean, in the beginning I was like, ‘What the hell are they thinking?’ But I love the two-night WrestleMania. It definitely brings a feel to what we do that’s special, something that nobody else can pull off. So I’m looking forward to it, as well as the way they set this one up is to watch night one, night two. You know, the Bloodline pretty much featured in both nights. It’s a hell of a culmination of the Bloodline’s pulled off.”

On the build to NXT Stand & Deliver: “I’m loving it, man. I’m loving that match for Roxanne [Perez] and Lyra Valkyria. Valkyria, she made a pivotal mistake. Pivotal, pivotal mistake, running into this match on all adrenaline and emotion, you know what I mean? Fueled with emotion. She’s injured. She should be somewhere thinking about resting up and coming back 100%. But no, no, no. She has to step in there and prove herself. And I’m gonna tell you right now: Roxanne Perez, we’ve talked about it. We’ve talked about it many times. This attitude that she’s taken on as of late, it’s not something new to me. Because I’ve talked to Roxanne about, ‘You gotta be able to step on some toes. You got to be able to step on some toes and keep on walking, and keep on walking, Jack!’ You know what I mean?

“You can’t be thinking about friends, and being a locker room leader. Oh no, you can’t be thinking about that. You gotta be thinking about Hall of Fame stats. You gotta be thinking about checks and championships. Because you know, the Road to the Throne is long, you know what I mean? So that’s what Roxanne is thinking about. And that boy Trick Williams is taking on Melo. That’s gonna be another monster, as well as the Don [Tony D’Angleo] taking on Ilja Dragunov. That match right there is gonna be something special as well. We got the Tag Team Title match that, we don’t even know who’s gonna be just yet. So we got — bro, we got whole lot cooking in that pot at Stand & Deliver. So I’m ready man. I’m ready.”

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