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CM Punk Doesn’t Regret UFC Run But “What The F*** Was I Thinking?”


WWE Superstar CM Punk may not regret his run in the world of UFC but there are certain aspects of his run that he wishes he’d done differently.

After walking out of WWE in 2014, Punk joined the UFC that same year but would have to wait until 2016 before he had his first fight.

Punk lost both his fights in the UFC though his latter fight was later dubbed a no-contest after his opponent failed a drug test.

On a recent edition of Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” podcast, Punk reflected on his time in the Octagon. He said,

“I asked my wife the other day, because I said something… I was just like, ‘What was I, 35 when I fought?’ And she was just like, ‘Oh, no, you were 36 or 37.’ I just went, ‘What the f*** was I thinking?’

“I’m glad I did it. Zero regrets, [except] I shouldn’t have fought in Chicago, because of the worst two weeks of my life – easily the worst two weeks of my life. I couldn’t cut weight properly.