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Cody Rhodes Talks Relationship With Triple H, Bayley Reveals Her Favorite WM Entrance



The official WrestleMania Twitter account posted a video today that features Bayley sharing her thoughts on who has the best WrestleMania entrance of all-time. She picked Rey Mysterio’s tribute to Eddie Guerrero from last year’s WrestleMania 39 pay-per-view event as her favorite entrance. You can check out the video below:

Speaking of Rey Mysterio, Mr. 619 made a surprise appearance for some Make-A-Wish kids at ‘WWE World’. According to a report from NBC 10 in Philadelphia, the kids got a big WrestleMania experience including $250 to shop at Fanatics Events’ WrestleMania Superstore, custom bomber jackets for their WWE personas, and replica WWE title belts.

And finally, Cody Rhodes was a recent guest on “The MMA Hour” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including his relationship with Triple H and whether he’d like to follow in the latter’s footsteps down the road. He said,

“I’m shocked to say — I guess I’m not shocked to say — I never anticipated when we did the breaking of the throne. I think I said ‘pissant body builder’ at one point in my independent [career], it may have been in an AEW rant, something, all of it rattling the cages, all of it in the spirit of trash talk and sports entertainment. But we take this stuff personally and it gets under our skin. He really had no reason to take care of me, and he has been an incredible guide, an incredible mentor. Often, I’ll be standing in Gorilla when something else is on the show and I’ll look at him and there is an understanding, there is a knowledge of, ‘Oh, that was great’ or ‘that wasn’t, what can we do here?’”

He continued, “If I do continue my career in sports entertainment and pro wrestling, I’ve not shared this with anybody, I’ve not even shared this with him, but if I was to continue and it was in a backstage environment, I’d like to kind of perhaps follow in those footsteps. I have a great amount of experience, good and bad, and I can put it to use. We’re not there yet.”

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