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NewsWWED'Von Dudley Explains Why He Wasn't At WWE WrestleMania XL

D’Von Dudley Explains Why He Wasn’t At WWE WrestleMania XL



During the most recent episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Bully Ray discussed his role as the guest referee for the Philadelphia Street Fight at WWE WrestleMania 40 (Night Two).

Ray ended up getting physically involved in the match. However, his longtime tag team partner, D-Von Dudley, wasn’t part of the segment. This is something D-Von discussed while speaking to Gabby LaSpisa for a new interview. He said,

“I thought it was great. I would’ve loved to be out there, people have to understand, sometimes the body doesn’t move the way it wants to. We had wrestled at the ECW Arena like two or three nights prior to WrestleMania. I’m not really in the ring like that much anymore, so at the end of the match, I’m shutting down, like my back and legs were killing me. I had someone ask me, ‘Why weren’t you there?’ I said, ‘Man, if I would’ve walked down that ramp, it would’ve been WrestleMania 50 by the time I got to the bottom of it. I was sore as hell man. We didn’t even do that much at ECW arena with Tommy Dreamer and Onita, but it was enough where I was sore the next two or three days. Certain things like that, I love it when Bubba represents the family and goes out there and does what we does. The great thing is that people were chanting, ‘Where’s D’Von?’ That’s even better, it’s not like I’m being forgotten.”

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