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Eric Bischoff Reacts To Cody Rhodes Finishing The Story At WrestleMania 40



On a recent edition of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title in the main event of WrestleMania 40 (Night Two).

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Cody Rhodes’ WWE Undisputed WWE Universal Title win: “Look at Michelle, she’s so happy. Cody’s mom. That’s so awesome. You know, I woke up this morning, and one of the first thoughts in my mind is, ‘I wonder what’s going through Cody’s mind.’ I mean, trying to put myself in his shoes to imagine what it’s like to feel what Cody feels having finished the story, and all the things that he overcame. And the injury going back to the last year, and leaving AEW, coming back to WWE. The journey has been such a roller coaster [for] Cody over the last couple of years. Even leading right into WrestleMania, when there was some doubt, probably in Cody’s mind as well as the rest of us, as to whether or not he was even going to get the chance to end this story the way he had dreamt, probably, since he was a kid about ending the story.

“It was in doubt, it was in jeopardy. I mean, for us. Maybe not internally. Maybe internally, they always knew what they were going to do or what they wanted to do, they just weren’t quite sure how they were going to get there because the tumult and all the craziness that had been going on in WWE. Prior to Tock showing up, obviously. But I just wonder what it feels like. I can only imagine what it felt like when he finally got his hand raised. And further that 75 or 77, or 72, however many thousands of people were there? I just wonder what that emotion felt like, what’s going through his mind today.”

On Becky Lynch: “I love her work. I love her character. I think she’s such a pro. She carries herself so well. She’s really a good representative of not just the women’s division but of WWE in general. She’s very, very much a class act, she carries herself well, you know, in interviews and in the general public. She’s completely a class act.”

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