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Fred Ottman On Cody Rhodes’ Rise In WWE, Riddick Moss On Teaming With Baron Corbin



During a recent Q&A session with “Cultaholic,” former WCW wrestler Fred Ottman (Tugboat/Typhoon) discussed the meteoric rise of Cody Rhodes in WWE following his return to the Endeavor-owned promotion in 2022.

Ottman said, “I think he’s phenomenal. I think the fact he left [WWE] when he did … Because WWE has always been one of those places where they would take all the great talent they could find and they want to own it. The trouble with owning things, doing TV and pay-per-views is this: you got angles going on, storylines, but the bottom line is if you’re not figured in [to] what’s going on now, you’ve got to wait for the opportunity.”

At last Saturday’s WWE Royal Rumble 2024 pay-per-view event, Rhodes won the men’s Royal Rumble match to punch his ticket to WrestleMania XL.

During a recent virtual signing with “Captain’s Corner,” former WWE Superstar Riddick Moss recalled his pairing with Baron Corbin in WWE.

Moss said, “So first of all, when I first debuted as Madcap, I was just pretending to be a cameraman, and I jumped Kevin Owens, but for that ‘SmackDown,’ I didn’t even know I was going to be on TV. I was just coming off an ACL injury and thought I was just doing a dark match. And so I didn’t really bring any clothes to wear … They told me, ‘Hey, we’re actually going to put you with Corbin tonight.’”

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