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Hornswoggle – ‘I Was Home, Not Booked For A Year, But WWE Paid Me’



On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) shared insights about his career in WWE, his collaboration with The Great Khali, the most intimidating moment in his career, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On always being the punchline in WWE: “It always made me laugh because it was like, Oh, we don’t have an answer? It’s Hornswoggle. Vince’s son, Anonymous GM. All of this stuff was like, Oh, we don’t have anything, it’s Dylan. But I love it. It was great. There’s two things I didn’t care for the whole time being there. When Mae Young gave birth to me as the New Year’s Baby, I remember that, and then when they dressed me up as a cow, again with Torito. I was like I can see the writing on the wall here guys. I was at my heavy stage in my life. I can see the writing on the wall. But I wasn’t about to go, nope. It was TV time, man, letting me live my dream. The only thing I wanted to do since I was four years old was work for WWE and be on television. Why would I say no? Why? So I can spend more time at home not booked or in catering not booked or all that? Why would I say no? Again, my dad put it very, very well, one time when I was home for a year straight. I was home, not booked. He goes Dylan, they are paying you to get you to live your dream. Whether you’re used once a year, or once a week, get to live your dream.”

On getting paired up with The Great Khali: “It was just a random Hey, you weren’t booked, we’re gonna do this. [Impersonates Vince McMahon] God dammit. Can you imagine them two next to each other? And then Natalya, It’ll be great! Misfits, look at them! Damn freak show! [Normal voice] I loved it. I was on TV. It’s great. Khali was a buddy of mine. He was my first riding partner. Me, Daivari, Khali and Mark Henry. What a car. Daivari drove, Khali rode shotgun, me sitting behind Khali, I don’t need legroom, and then Mark Henry behind Daivari. Mark Henry would fall asleep. Khali liked to smoke in cars, p*ssed all of us off but we’re not going to tell the giant, he was in The Longest Yard. But Khali would smoke and Mark Henry would smell it [and would say] ‘God dammit put it out.’ Them two, I would like to, as I did with a few a good amount of locker rooms, I like to poke the bear. I like to maybe start the anger and argument and then I would just leave. I love it and it makes me happy. I’m called the Cartman of group chats. I literally just enter get people going and then I will not respond for a couple of hours. But I loved Khali man, I still do. He’s the best and he didn’t need to do it. He had an acting career. Didn’t need to do, he’s the best.”

On Wee LC being the scariest moment of his career: “Wee LC. That’s the most talked about match I’ve ever done. I will never top it. I will never do anything cooler, have never done anything cooler than that match. It was scary because it was in New Jersey, who behind Chicago is the most like heel crowd, wanting to get themselves over crowd. But I didn’t know how they would react, it’s two midgets. One a bull, a midget bull and a midget rockstar going into a match on the pre-show. First thing that crowd sees that night. With mini ladders and mini tables, mini chairs, mini commentary and mini announcer, I didn’t know how they’d react. I thought they’re gonna boo the sh*t out of it. I really did. And I remember being backstage in my heart knowing we’re going to kill it. In my mind [I’m] going, if they start booing, we’re done. The coolest moment of my life, the match of my life, going into it is gonna be the worst thing ever. I never thought it would hold up like it has. I never thought it would be such a, not a talked about thing, shove up the a*s moment to the fans there. I guarantee the locker room didn’t take it seriously. Shove it up their a*s. Standing ovation, the only one I remember, I get to gorilla and everyone is on their feet clapping for us. One of those moments where I was like, okay, it was pretty awesome. And then I remember being in my gear literally until like, two matches left and Torito was leaving. He goes ‘You Okay?’ I go I’m okay. [He says] ‘Why aren’t you changing?’ I go I’m still in the moment, man. [He says] ‘All right I’ll see you tomorrow.’”

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