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Jey Uso’s Current Look Is Inspired By Bret Hart, Natalya Is Doing Her Best Work These Days



During a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Natalya commented on her recent match with Lola Vice on an episode of NXT and why she believes she’s doing some of the best work of her career. She said,

“I said recently in an interview, I feel like right now, I’m doing the best work of my career, and that Underground match was what I was talking about. For me, it just felt like a game-changing match where it was a way for me to remind everybody of, as selfless as I am in helping others, I still want so much more, and I think that’s cool. I think every single woman and man in WWE needs so strive for more. Getting that opportunity at NXT and having that match with Lola was a dream come true because I was able to show hey, this MMA world isn’t really my world, but I’m gonna dive into it. It is more Lola’s world because that’s where she started, before she came to WWE. I not only gave her a run for her money, but I mean, if she didn’t have Shayna [Baszler] get involved, I would have beaten her.“

WWE Superstar Jey Uso recently appeared on the “Battleground” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including how his current look is inspired by Bret Hart.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Bret Hart inspiring his look: “There was an old commercial with Bret Hart. Do you remember it? That commercial came on and he had the pink glasses. I’m automatically, ‘Light bulb.’ Like I need blue ones. I need the exact same ones but blue.”

On wanting to mimic that look: “Remember, it had the rubber strap on here and it was like very flimsy? I wanted that whole look. I wanted that. We couldn’t get it but kind of took it a little bit to make it mine. But I stole the whole idea from Bret Hart.”

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