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NewsWWEKevin Nash Made $10,000 For Hitting One Move At WrestleMania 10

Kevin Nash Made $10,000 For Hitting One Move At WrestleMania 10


WWE WrestleMania 10 was an easy night at the office for Kevin Nash, who made $10,000 for hitting just one move at the 1994 pay-per-view event.

Nash accompanied Shawn Michaels for the Ladder match with Razor Ramon but was ejected from the match after hitting Ramon with an illegal clothesline.

On a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash recalled being at ringside for the match and his quick dismissal from the production. He said,

“I’m just like, ‘Guys… we gotta get me [out of there] immediately. I’m gonna f*** s*** up, so get me out of there.’ … I made a big 10 grand and went and sat by the monitor. That was my biggest payoff to date… 10 grand for a f***in’ clothesline.'”

Ramon would win the match which is considered one of the greatest ladder matches of all time. Michaels would win the sequel match at SummerSlam 1995.