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Mandy Rose On Tiffany Stratton – ‘I Think She’s An Incredible Talent And Has A Really Bright Future’



On a recent edition of her “Power Alphas” podcast, former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose lavished praise on the career progression of Tiffany Stratton.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Tiffany Stratton: “I’ve seen a lot of Mandy vs. Tiffany Stratton. People like to compare Tiffany Stratton to me, she gets that a lot. She just got asked how she feels about those comparisons. I thought it was really sweet. She said nice things about me and that it’s an honor to be compared to someone like me, which is cool. I’m very honored as well. I retweeted something that was ‘real recognizes real.’”

On Tiffany Stratton having a bright future: “I’m always about putting other people over when they deserve it. I think she’s an incredible talent and has a really bright future. I’ve always said that, from the first match at NXT. I was really blown away. I was like, ‘Damn.’ She knew what she was doing, which is crazy because at that time, when I was in NXT, I don’t know if I could have a match like that.”

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