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NewsWWEMartha Hart Brands Vince McMahon "Despicable" Over Janel Grant Allegations

Martha Hart Brands Vince McMahon “Despicable” Over Janel Grant Allegations



Dr. Martha Hart has branded Vince McMahon a “despicable” human being and believes he was sexually inappropriate with Janel Grant.

Speaking with News Nation’s Ashleigh Banfield, Martha Hart admitted that she wasn’t surprised to learn of Janel Grant’s lawsuit against the former WWE chairman. She said,

“I was not surprised when I heard there was yet another lawsuit (against Vince McMahon & WWE). Over the years, the WWE they’ve had many lawsuits and they’ve had a lot of bad press.”

As part of her role as director of the Owen Hart Foundation, Martha spends her career working with vulnerable people.

In the interview, Hart argued that McMahon took advantage of Grant. She said,

“Anyone that takes advantage of a vulnerable person is the most despicable type of person… By Janel Grant’s own admission, she was a vulnerable person. She was unemployed, her parents had passed away, she was suffering with grief, and she was also just on the cusp of financial collapse.”

McMahon resigned from WWE in January of this year over the allegations against him. The 78-year-old billionaire has denied all wrongdoing.

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