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Maxxine Dupri Names The Match That Was A Pivotal Moment In Her Career



Maxxine Dupri believes she hit a turning point in her career with her match with WWE Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley on an episode of WWE RAW in December.

While speaking to Ring The Belle, Maxxine discussed the bout. She said,

“It was insane. I was just telling someone when I got the text that I had that match, I was waiting for the just kidding text. Like, there’s no way. Me? So it was terrifying that I was going to throw up. However, it was such a pleasure to get to work with someone who is so talented, has such an incredible presence. I definitely jumped straight into the deep end, not fully prepared. However, I think that that match will always be a pivotal match in my career because that’s where it shifted, where I was like, okay, I have to change my training and I have to change what I’m doing. So that way I can have a better chance against her in the future. So I think that that was like a really pivotal moment for me and a turning point in my career.”

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