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NewsWWENatalya - 'Shawn Michaels Is Such An Asset To The Wrestling Industry'

Natalya – ‘Shawn Michaels Is Such An Asset To The Wrestling Industry’



Natalya recently made an appearance on the “Big Show with Rusic & Rose” podcast, where she discussed a wide range of topics.

During the podcast, the longtime WWE Superstar praised the head of WWE NXT Creative, Shawn Michaels. She said,

“Working with Shawn Michaels, ah. I won’t reveal too much, but he helped us a lot during the day and he was really hands on. Shawn Michaels is such an asset to the industry and he helped me a lot when I was there this past week. It was so cool to be able to work with him and work with the mind he has with the industry. I’m very grateful for his help.”

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