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Piper Niven Wants To Run It Back With WWE Star



Piper Niven was a recent guest on the “Gorilla Position” podcast where she discussed a wide range of topics.

During the podcast, the WWE Superstar noted that she wants to run it back with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley after falling to her at WWE Clash at the Castle in Scotland.

Niven said, “Why not? I don’t know if you know me this, but Rhea and myself had some absolute bangers back in the day. I think it’s time to run it back, but this announcement was very, very satisfying for me because the people of Scotland have deserved this for such a long time. Without the British boom, it’s my belief that there probably wouldn’t have been an NXT UK, and Scotland was a massive part of that boom. Scotland was a huge part of that boom. Most of the people that I’ve met by chance here this week are Scottish. There’s such a huge fanbase in Scotland, and they deserve this. So I’m very happy. I hope that I’m there for them in that ring, and I hope they’ll be cheering for me.”

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