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NewsWWESeth Rollins - 'Roman Reigns Has Ruined The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship'

Seth Rollins – ‘Roman Reigns Has Ruined The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship’



Seth Rollins believes that Roman Reigns has “ruined” the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

On Thursday, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion appeared on “The Rich Eisen Show” to comment on WrestleMania 40, trying to convince Cody Rhodes to face him instead of Reigns, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On having asked Cody Rhodes to challenge him and not Roman Reigns: “I said, Cody Rhodes, come take a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. I understand Cody Rhodes, one of the top performers in WWE, WWE. He’s got to finish the story. He’s got the story in mind. He wants the WWE championship. It’s a title that his father, the late great American Dream Dusty Rhodes, has never won. Almost won it, had it ripped away. He never won it. He wants to fulfill that destiny. I understand that, but that title don’t mean what it once did. Roman Reigns has ruined that title. This is the championship in WWE right here. This is the most prestigious title in our entire industry. I’ve put in the work over the past year to make it that way. And I want to test myself against the best at WrestleMania and the best is the winner of the Royal Rumble now two years in a row, Cody Rhodes. That’s what I want.”

On how Roman Reigns has ruined his title: “Well, look, Roman Reigns… working on his own schedule all, and in his mind, he thinks that makes the title bigger and maybe at a time, that was the truth. But the problem is, Roman Reigns isn’t present, which means his title isn’t present, which means you don’t have a crack at it, which means there’s a glass ceiling, which means this the title that he holds isn’t gonna be in every town, in every city. It’s not there. It’s the Hollywood title it’s as close to a prop, as you can call it and I don’t want to demean it, because I’ve been the World Heavyweight champion, that WWE champion and when I was, I took it everywhere. I defended it all over the place. I made sure that it was present. I made sure that it was on Raw. It was on SmackDown. I made sure that other people had an opportunity at that title. He has kind of demeaned the title so much that it just don’t mean what this one means, man. I built this one up from nothing, from scratch. This didn’t exist a year ago. Didn’t exist a year ago, and now I’m walking into WrestleMania, biggest champion in the biz.”

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