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Shane Helms – ‘Logan Paul Has The Best Trainer Of All Time In His Corner’



During a recent appearance on the “Behind the Turnbuckle” podcast, WWE producer Shane Helms shared his experience of training and working with Logan Paul.

Helms made a lighthearted remark, stating that Paul has had the privilege of being trained by “the best trainer of all time.”

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On training Logan Paul: “He apparently has the best trainer of all time in his corner. I’m just going to lob that out there. I trained him since day one, and it’s been incredible. The first time, I thought it was going to be a one-off. The first match was Logan and Miz against Rey and Dominik Mysterio, I thought that was going to be it, but he’s invested. He wants to do this. He signed an actual talent contract. He puts in the work. I have to put in the work because I’m there for all the training sessions.”

On how good Paul is as a student who listens: “He is somebody that wants it, and he listens. If the people that I’ve trained in my career all listened as half as good as Logan, my job would have been a lot easier. He absorbs it, he’s on the phone with me all the time asking questions. ‘What about this? What about that?’ He watches wrestling. An assignment I gave him, ‘Find 30 minutes. If you can get an hour, that’d be better, but it’s only 30 minutes. Every week, watch something. Watch something in wrestling, digest it, and we’ll talk about it.’ He puts in the work. You can’t ask for anything more from the talent.”

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