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NewsWWESheamus Reacts To Body Shaming Critics In A Humorous Way

Sheamus Reacts To Body Shaming Critics In A Humorous Way



Sheamus may be looking slightly different following his return to WWE programming, but the Celtic Warrior has a good reason for this.

On this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Sheamus returned after eight months out of action with a shoulder injury to defeat Viking Raider Ivar.

Many fans online noticed that Sheamus looked somewhat heavier than before. On Twitter, the former WWE World Champion had a humorous answer for this. He wrote,

“Ok Ok take your best shots.. Whalemus, Too Many Pies, etc.. and then we’re done with the photoshopping & shaming. I was aiming for the Draft & got an early call-up. My bad. On me. Been sleeping in the gym ever since SO watch this space 👊🏻 i appreciate the love too #Sheamoose” 

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