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Ted DiBiase Sr. – ‘If You’re Gonna Do Steroids, Do It Under A Doctor’s Supervision’



On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. discussed the 1994 WWE Steroid Trial, his interactions with Dr. George Zahorian, and other topics.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On seeing Dr. George Zahorian at WWE events: “Yeah, I saw him. But personally, I didn’t deal with him. I wasn’t gonna’ go there. And so, I don’t believe he’s ever sold anything to me. I didn’t do drugs. I mean, it’s kind of like — I mean, coming out, I guess he was supplying steroids as well, correct? Well, look at my body. Do I look like a muscled-up geek? No, I never did. I was always in shape, but I’ve never had huge arms or whatever. You know, I had good shoulders and triceps, and a pretty good chest. It was kind of like, I didn’t want to look like a dang bodybuilder. That’s not wrestling. Of course, you know, I’m sure Vince would have liked it better if I had looked a little more like a bodybuilder. But I had no interest. I really had no interest in looking like that.”

On whether he saw Zahorian sell drugs at shows: “I can’t ever say that I openly saw him. I mean, most of — you know, it was not like he walked in the dressing room. He would show up, you’d see him there and he would go do business with whoever was under the bleachers, or out back in the parking lot or whatever, I don’t know. And I didn’t care.”

On whether wrestlers should be able to use steroids: “What I would say is, if you’re gonna do it, do it under a doctor’s supervision. And that’s one of the things, when I signed on with Vince, it’s kind of like — again, I didn’t have, I tell everybody, even when I was working out, I always had buggy whip arms, man. I could never get the big guns. And again, I always would advise you to do it under a doctor’s supervision. And that’s what I did. I mean, Vince, when he signed me, he said, ‘We’re really looking forward to what we can do, Ted. But I do want you, I want to see you in the gym.’ And I said, ‘Well, you will.’ And I did.

“I was always afraid of steroids. Again, at home, I went to my doctor and talked about it, and it’s kind of like — I’ll be honest with you right now. I go to this place in North Jackson, and as it’s called the Men’s Clinic. And they go in there, they take your blood pressure, they draw blood, and see where you’re at, and all that stuff. And I take — and they give me four syringes. And each syringe has like a CC, I think it’s one CC of testosterone in it. And so I take that one shot a week. And that’s totally under a doctor’s supervision. It’s not for bodybuilding. It’s just for male maintenance.”

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