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Tommy Dreamer Criticizes Patrick Mahomes Being A Heel On RAW In Kansas City



Tommy Dreamer was baffled by the decision for Patrick Mahomes to be a heel on this week’s edition of WWE RAW that took place in Kansas City.

On the show, Mahomes, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, was aligned with U.S. Champion Logan Paul who appeared alongside IShowSpeed.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Dreamer questioned why WWE would have Mahomes be a villain in the city that loves him. He said,

“Here comes Patrick Mahomes, in Kansas City, and he’s aligned himself…with the heels. Even in that opening segment, I’m like ‘Wait [a minute]. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t align the biggest babyface in Kansas City, as well as perhaps the biggest quarterback in professional football, with your top act…Like, everyone’s supposed to be liking your babyfaces, especially the most popular guy in that town. So that was another ‘Wait, huh?’ in that opening segment. I just didn’t understand it.”

Dreamer added that if he was booking the show, he would have aligned Mahomes with Cody Rhodes to work with the positive response from the fans. He added,

“You have all this, you could’ve accomplished the same piece of business, but just align your babyfaces with babyface reactions. And…if you want to bring out…I mean the Chiefs won, it’s hard to bring out a heel. But if a 49ers [player] came out in Kansas City, rolling with Logan Paul, and then it’s like ‘Wait, what am I going to see here?'”

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