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NewsWWETrick Williams Defeats Carmelo Hayes, Drew Gulak's Absence Acknowledged On WWE NXT

Trick Williams Defeats Carmelo Hayes, Drew Gulak’s Absence Acknowledged On WWE NXT



On this week’s episode of WWE NXT, Trick Williams emerged victorious once again against his friend-turned-foe Carmelo Hayes. The NXT Stand & Deliver 2024 rematch was held inside a steel cage.

Despite Hayes targeting his opponent’s arm and involving his security, Williams scored the victory by hitting a Trick Shot through a chair.

Williams will now challenge Ilja Dragunov for the NXT World Championship next week at NXT Spring Breakin’ (Night One). This match takes place just before the much-anticipated WWE Draft kicks off on next week’s episode of SmackDown.

You can check out some highlights from the match below:

On Wednesday’s episode of WWE NXT, No Quarter Catch Club and The D’Angelo Family interrupted an in-ring promo by D’Angelo and his stable.

Charlie Dempsey expressed his displeasure at their business being made public, and D’Angelo claimed that they had asked him to take care of “one of their own” and had not yet paid for it.

Dempsey claimed that payment was never discussed and it was simply a matter of “taking out the trash.” The conversation eventually turned to the Heritage Cup, and a brawl broke out between the two groups.

It’s worth noting that Drew Gulak was not present with the No Quarter Catch Club, and his name was removed from the Titantron after Ronda Rousey accused him of grabbing the string of her sweatpants backstage.

Gulak was also reportedly removed from his seat at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony after a producer noticed he was there and was pulled from scheduled appearances.

Although Gulak’s name was not mentioned during the segment, it seems that the implication was clear. There is no information on whether or not Gulak will return to WWE TV.

You can check out some highlights from the segment below:

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