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NewsWWETriple H Reveals The Crucial Thing New Wrestlers Are First Taught

Triple H Reveals The Crucial Thing New Wrestlers Are First Taught



On a recent edition of the “Xav & Michelle for Breakfast” podcast, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed the importance of teaching new wrestlers to protect their opponents right off the bat.

“The Game” said, “The first thing that you’re taught when you start learning how to do this [is to] protect your opponent at all times. It’s a team effort. Everybody’s working together to make something look incredibly realistic hopefully, but be as safe as possible. And there’s a fine line there.”

He continued, “Mistakes happen all the time, and half the time injuries happen on simple things that nobody thinks you’re going to get injured on, but you turn the wrong way or something. There are people that are just not necessarily the safest or reckless in the business and they usually weed themselves out.”

Triple H was in charge of the WWE NXT brand for several years before taking time off due to his health issues. He then returned to take over WWE’s creative team following Vince McMahon’s temporary retirement in 2022.

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