AEW Dynamite Results for January 13, 2021


Credit: WINC

PAC vs. Eddie Kingston

PAC wins with the Black Arrow.

Winner: PAC

Post-match, PAC locks in the brutalizer for a moment. Blade and Butcher jump in the ring, but so do Penta and Fenix. From the back, Lance Archer (along with Jake Roberts) runs out and clears Kingston’s group out of the ring. Archer tells PAC he needs to “get on the same page” as him. Archer then heads to the back and PAC celebrates with his guys.

Miro vs. Chuck Taylor

Miro wins with a thrust kick followed by his submission.

Winner: Miro

Backstage, Dasha talks with Private Party and how they signed with Matt Hardy as their manager. Hardy jumps in and says things are great now that these guys are part of the Hardy brand! Private Party try to be positive, but Quen says he can’t do this and is still bothered Hardy is making 30% on them. Hardy told them they should have read the fine print. Quen calls Hardy a “money grabbing carny.” Hardy says when they first got her, nobody cared about them, but he did! Hardy tells them ultimately when he says “jump,” they say “how high,” and ends the interview

– Inner Circle heads out to the ring for their New Year’s Resolutions.

Chris Jericho on the mic first and says it’s going to be a huge year for the group. Jake Hager says championships are a big goal this year. MJF says he just wants to strengthen his bonds with the other members, also, fat people gotta go. Ortizwants to improve a family recipe. Jericho says this will be the year that he and MJF will win the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Santana jumps in and says he hand picked Santana / Ortiz to be in the group, and be thetag team in the Inner Circle. Guevara stops him and says Jericho is a little “tag team s–t.” Guevara wonder what’s up with Jericho teaming up with a bunch of different people. MJF says Jericho is just trying to do his job, Guevara tells him to shut up. Hager tells Guevara that “MJF is cool” and calms him down. Jericho says like Hager and Wardlow did last week, maybe they should blow off some steam for bragging rights and to decide who is the official tag team of Inner Circle. Next week: MJF / Jericho vs. Santana / Ortiz vs. Guevara / Hager. MJF says they are still the Inner Circle, “We’re better than you, and you know it.”

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Dark Order and wonders what’s next after losing their leader, Brodie Lee. Evil Uno says they have to be better people and do everything in Lee’s name. He then says next week Hangman Pageshould team with Dark Order. The group pulls Page in and wants to talk with him. They ask when Page is going to decide if he’s in the group or not. Silver says next week after the match is a good time. Page agrees that’s when he’ll let the group know. Silver fully expects Page to join and the group yammers on as Page just stands a few feet away and continues enjoying his drink.

Backstage, Dash catches up with Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and The Young Bucks. Callis says it’s fantastic that the band is back together. Omega asks if they want to do The Elite entrance, Callis says the Young Bucks should get their own entrance, and they should head out on their own. Omega goes along with that and heads out for his entrance

Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Danny Limelight and Varsity Blondes

Omega and the Good Brothers win when The Good Brothers hit Limelight with the Magic Killer.

Winners: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers

Post-match, Jon Moxley’s music hits and he strolls out from the crowd. Moxley goes right at Omega, then is able to fight off The Good Brothers for a moment. The numbers game get the best of Moxley though. Out run Penta and Fenix to help even the odds as they battle with Anderson and Gallows. Moxley and Omega battle away in the middle of the ring. Now the locker room is emptying out to help separate the two sides. The Young Bucks run out and tell Moxley to ease up and try talking some sense into them. Fenix and Penta hop into the ring and give Matt and Nick double superkicks! Omega takes off with Callis as the brawl continues in the ring.

The Waiting Room” with Britt Baker (and Reba) with tonight’s guest, Cody. Baker says this is the Dynamite debut of the show, and has a special surprise for the crowd. She asks them to look under their chairs, they do, and there’s nothing there. Baker laughs and says she couldn’t resist. Baker then cracks a few jokes at Cody’s expense, including his neck tattoo. Cody comes out, and gets some sparklers for his pyro. Baker gives congrats about Cody’s child, jokes that they will probably have an action figure before she does.

Before Cody can even say anything, Baker says she has another surprise and brings out Jade Cargill. Cargill takes the mic from Cody, and says nobody gives a damn that Brandi Rhodesis pregnant. She says Cody did Brandi a huge favor, but she and Shaq are tired of waiting. Cargill wants an opponent, and says if Brandi ever returns, she’s gonna “Beat that ass.” Cargill then shoves Cody away, and in comes Red Velvet. Cargill wonders who this is and shrinks down to get on her level. Cargill shoves Velvet, Velvet slaps her, Cargill slaps her back. A full-on brawl breaks out with the women’s locker room keeping the two sides away from each other. We then randomly see video of Britt Baker previously attacking Thunder Rosaduring one of her interviews.

Cut to Rosa in a different location, she tells Baker loves to get in other people’s business, but she’s going to have to have a match very soon. Rosa says Tony Khan has told her that he wants to put them on a big stage, and it takes time to build things up. At Beach Break on February 3 it will be Baker vs. Rosa. Baker throws a fit about having to fight Rosa.

Jurassic Express vs. FTR

FTR wins with Big Rig.

Winners: FTR

Serena Deeb (C) vs. Tay Conti – NWA Women’s Championship

Deeb retains with the detox.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Darby Allin (C) vs. Brian Cage – TNT Championship

Allin wins with the crucifix bomb.

Winner: Darby Allin

Post-match, Sting gets into the ring and stares at Allin. Cage heads out, barking at Sting. Team Taz is beyond annoyed as snow falls down on them. The group heads to the back as Sting watches them.


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