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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Title Tuesday Results (10/10/2023)

AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday Results (10/10/2023)


Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Dynamite airing on October 10, 2023. This is a special Tuesday edition going up against a stacked WWE NXT show.

AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday Results (10/10/2023)

#1. [TNT Championship #1 Contender] Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland – Winner: Bryan Danielson with a minor assist from Hangman Page

#2. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Chris Jericho – Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Roderick Strong asks Adam Cole, politely, to mow his lawn, while he is injured. After that, he asks what kind of entertainment they have in his house. They don’t have a TV, because Roderick says TV is the devil. Before Adam leaves, Strong has one last thing for him to do.

#3. [International Championship] Rey Fenix (c) vs. Orange Cassidy – Winner: Orange Cassidy becomes the new champion!

‘Timeless’ Toni Storm has a short film for us. Lover’s Lament Act 1. Storm wakes up and is late for something. She appears to mime her way to work, but there are all kinds of obstacles in the way. Toni finally makes it in her car, but then passes out on arrival.

#4. Wardlow vs. Matt Sydal – Winner: Wardlow

Chris Jericho is hurt after his match. Daniel Garcia comes to check up on him, but Matt Menard tells him they are better than this.

#5. ‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs. ‘Switchblade’ Jay White (w/ Bullet Club Gold) – Winner: Jay White with an assist from Prince Nana

MJF shows up with a microphone. He wanted the main event at Full Gear? He got it. Now give him back the Triple B. Jay White says we don’t want to hear anymore from MJF. The crowd tells him to “shut the f*** up”, so he won’t give the belt back after that. MJF says he knows Jay White doesn’t give a crap about anyone, including Bullet Club Gold. He is using them to get what he wants, and he knows this because he has done that. The difference is he wakes up and tries to be a better man. For the first time in his life, he has earned the fans respect.

There are two things in life he cares about. Adam Cole, and his title, the Triple B. It is his livelihood. When you win the AEW World title, it makes you the best wrestler in the world. He hates his guts. If he didn’t have his guys around him, he would take him out right now. He knows Jay White is next level elite, and will one day join the exclusive club of being AEW World Champion, however, that day is not today. He asks him to do the hard thing. Be a man and show some respect for the sport, and for these fans, by giving him back what he has not yet earned.

Jay White says he will get that chance to earn it at Full Gear, but if he can’t wait, he will have to come down to the ring and take it. But he has no friends. If he can find three friends, maybe they will have a match so he can get the title back. Juice Robinson says there is a Dynamite Diamond Ring battle royal next week, so throw his name in. When he wins it, he will give MJF a present. A $10 roll of quarters. He touches a nerve with MJF, who says if he comes anywhere near him with those, he will end his life.

Act 2 of Lover’s Lament sees Toni Storm looking like she is about to seduce someone, but is repulsed for a moment. But then, after thinking about it, tells us she loves us.

#6. [AEW Women’s Championship] Saraya (c) vs. Hikaru Shida – Winner: Hikaru Shida becomes the new champion!

MJF tries to get a hold of Adam Cole, who finally picks up, but is busy with Roderick Strong. The Kingdom hangs up on him. After that, Max Caster offers the services of The Acclaimed to him to go up against Bullet Club Gold, but MJF is not interested. Daddy Ass asks Caster why he thinks he can just offer their services without asking. He says it is because they got in to the business together, and even if MJF does not show it, he considers each other friends.

In the ring, Christian Cage asks the crowd to keep their noise down while he conducts business. They should be happy to have a champion they can be proud of, because unlike their Kansas City Chiefs, he doesn’t need extra help to get his wins. Last week, he left people shocked by the three words he said. He found it interesting that he said Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne would turn on him when they got all the information they want from him.

The difference is, he did not take some rag-tag group, dress them up like bad guys, and fail to lead them. It is funny that Adam did not ask him before to get the band back together. While Christian was being deliberately held back, despite being better, Adam was getting pushed to the moon. How times have changed. While Adam’s career is on a downward slope, his career is reaching new heights. Adam needs him, while he does not need Adam. He does not blame him for being a fan.

Also, he knows his wife Beth is a huge fan. He is getting bored with this, so he will leave his right hand of destruction to handle this. And when Adam cannot come home, he will be there to take care of his children. Put some new sheets on the bed girls, because their new father is coming home. Adam Copeland rushes to the ring and stares at Luchasaurus. Nick Wayne appears out of nowhere to hold his feet, giving Luchasaurus the chance to boot him in the face. The referee checks Adam Copeland over before the main event. Adam agrees to go through with the match.

#7. Adam Copeland vs. Luchsaurus (w/ Christian Cage & Nick Wayne) – Winner: Adam Copeland

Nick Wayne blindsides Adam. He and Luchasaurus double team him, until Bryan Danielson shows up to even the odds. Christian Cage blindsides Danielson, so the Blackpool Combat Club arrives to even the odds again. The Mogul Embassy wants a piece of the BCC, and Hangman Page shows up to want some of Swerve Strickland. While everything is going on, Copeland spears Wayne, and Danielson applies the Lebelle Lock on Cage, who seemingly passes out as the show goes off the air.

AEW Dynamite Results (10/10/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (10/10/2023)