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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Results February 1, 2023

AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Results February 1, 2023



Welcome to the live coverage results for AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite. AEW is coming at you live from Dayton, Ohio this week and we have some solid matches on the card. The TBS Champion Jade Cargill faces Red Velvet. Konosuke Takeashita collides with Brian Cage. Darby Allin defends the AEW TNT Championship in a No Holds Barred match against Samoa Joe. Bryan Danielson faces the challenge of Timothy Thatcher. And finally, we get to see the score settled between Hangman Adam Page and Jon Moxley in their third match one on one.

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We open right up on the action. Jon Moxley is on his way to the ring, walking through the crowd while they sing his theme music.

Jon Moxley defeats Hangman Adam Page

Jon Moxley doesn’t give Adam Page the chance to get into the ring as he throws punches to him at the foot of the entranceway. The two men tussle around the area outside of the ring and Jon Moxley sends Adam Page over the barricade. They fight up into the stands and the crowd begins to boo as Adam Page comes back on Moxley with a boot to the mid section. Page is taken down by Jon Moxley and is put into a leg lock. The action makes its way back to the ringside area and Adam Page throws a chair into the face of Moxley while he is setting up for a leap from the ring apron. The action has yet to officially begin at this point when Page rolls Moxley into the ring. He climbs in himself and the bell rings. Moxley nails a dropkick to the knees of Page and then ties him up in a side knee lock. Page gets to the rope and the hold is broken. Hangman gets Moxley backed into the corner and hammers him down with a heavy chop. Jon Moxley has been busted open at this point and he suffers a fall away slam from Page . The two men make it to the outside apron of the ring and reverse back and forth before Adam Page lifts Jon Moxley into a fireman’s carry and tosses him face first into the steel ring post. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Jon Moxley is slammed to the mat with a Death Valley Driver from the top rope by Adam Page. Hangman covers but Jon Moxley is able to kick out at two. Adam Page is screaming at Moxley to stay down as he stomps him in the face. Moxley strikes back and they exchange blows with one another. Jon Moxley uses a series of low kicks and then locks in a sleeper. He switches up into a slam and tosses Adam Page. Moxley gets Page up on the top rope and tosses him off. He covers but it is only good for a two count. An arm bar follows but Hangman reaches the ropes to break the hold. They both spill to the outside and Adam Page attempts a moonsault and misses, roll through, and then catches a clothesline. Moxley sets up to put Adam Page through the timekeeper’s table but is reversed and he is slammed through it instead.

Adam Page returns to the ring. The count begins but Moxley beats it at 9, returning to the ring. Hangman nails a Lariat and covers. It is only good for two. Page goes for a superkick and misses and Moxley catches him in a Lariat of his own. Both men struggle to their feet and they begin to exchange blows. Adam Page issues a Tombstone Piledriver and a Buckshot Lariat. He covers again but still it is only good for two. Page locks him into an arm bar but Moxley rolls through and has him in a small cradle. The referee counts to three and Jon Moxley wins.

Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli stand in between Jon Moxley and Adam Page as they taunt one another for further fighting. 

The Bunny and Jamie Hayter are backstage. Bunny congratulates Jamie Hayter on her recent victory. She follows up and challenges Jamie Hayter to a match next week. The interview is interrupted by a cut to Saraya and Toni Storm attacking Britt Baker. Jamie Hayter runs off screen.

The Acclaimed defeats The Beverly Brothers

The two teams exchange taunts before Max Caster nails one of his opponents with a superkick. He tags Anthony Bowens in and he splashes from the top. Bowens rolls through an attempted double team and slams his opponent down. He tags Max Caster back in who hits the Mic Drop and covers got the pinfall. The Acclaimed win.

The Gunn Brothers interrupt the post match celebration and demand an answer from The Acclaimed to their challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. The Acclaimed said why not ask the people. The crowd boos. Anthony Bowens says that the people have spoken and the answer is no. The two groups start to bicker back and forth and Billy Gunn grows frustrated and leaves the ring. Austin Gunn taunts him as he walks away. Billy Gunn storms back to the ring and comes face to face with his son. He asks them both if they have what it takes. He says that they can prove it next week for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Backstage; Jungle Boy is asked what is next for Junglehook. He says he has done the tag team run before and does not wish to do it again. He adds that he does promise that he will have gold around his waist again this year.

Konosuke Takeashita defeats Brian Cage

The two men begin at the bell with an exchange of chops. Konosuke Takeashita bests Brian Cage, sending him rolling to the outside. Takeashita attempts to climg high but Brian Cage catches him and he drives him into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Cage sets up for a powerbomb but Takeashita reverses and strikes with his forearms. Brian Cage attempts to hammer back with a clothesline but gets caught and slammed to the mat. Takeashita covers but it is only good for two. We go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial Konosuke Takeashita nails Brian Cage from behind with a knee strike. He follows with a Lariat and a high and tight German Suplex and rolls Cage up. Brian Cage kicks at two. Takaeshita reverses a powerbomb attempt and hits one of his own for a close two count. Brian Cage comes back and lands a hard clothesline on Takeashita. Takeashita comes back with two Brainbusters in a row. The pinfall attempt is still no good. Brian Cage powers back with hard strikes and gets Konosuke up on the top rope. He attempts a suplex but Takeashita nails another Brainbuster, follows it with a knee strike to the jaw, and covers for the pinfall. Konosuke Takeashita wins.

The Jericho Appreciation Society is backstage and they are asked why they cheated in their match with Ricky Starks recently. They claim their innocence but say that if Ricky Starks wants another match he can have one; He will just have to defeat each member of The Jericho Appreciation Society first.

Bryan Danielson defeats Timothy Thatcher

The two men tie up in a wrist lock as the bell rings. They move into the ropes and Timothy Thatcher attempts an arm bar. Bryan Danielson crawls to the bottom rope and it is broken. Thatcher continues to target the injured shoulder of Danielson. Danielson makes a slight come back but is stopped by a finger stretch by Thatcher who returns to working on the shoulder. Bryan Danielson hits back with chops and hits a running knee into the corner. Thatcher continues an offense, however, and he gets another arm bar on Danielson. Bryan reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. We got to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Timothy Thatcher has Bryan Danielson stretched over the ropes as he chops him in the chest. He puts Danielson into a Hammerlock and switches it up into a slam. Thatcher sets Danielson up on the top rope and sets up for a Butterfly Suplex but Bryan Danielson strikes him repeatedly in the ribs. Danielson hits a splash off of the top rope and both men are down. Coming back to their feet they trade chops back and forth. Danielson brings Thatcher to his knees and he begins to kick him across the chest. Elbow strikes into a rear face lock but Thatcher backs Danielson into the corner and knocks him from his back.

The referee is bumped and MJF comes down the walkway, kissing his ring. Konosuke Takaeshita hits him from behind and sends him off running. Following the distraction, Timothy Thatcher has another arm bar locked in but Danielson reaches the ropes again. He lands a German Suplex on Thatcher who pops back up but Danielson runs back with a high knee. He covers and gets the pinfall. Bryan Danielson wins.

MJF and Konosuke Takeashita continue to brawl in the backstage area after the match. Per Tony Khan next week on AEW Dynamite MJF will face Konosuke Takeashita.

Bryan Danielson will face Rush next week. MJF hands a briefcase full of money to Rush and says there are five more promised to him if he can defeat Bryan Danielson.

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill defeats Red Velvet

Red Velvet attacks Jade Cargill from behind before the bell. Velvet throws a few punch before Cargill puts her down with a big clothesline. Red Velvet utilizes her speed advantage and ties Cargill up in the ropes. They fight briefly outside of the ring before Red Velvet throws Jade Cargill back into the ring. Jade runs through Red Velvet with a clothesline for a close two count. We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial Jade Cargill is taunting Red Velvet before she tosses her across the ring. Cargill misses a splash in the corner and Red Velvet comes back with forearm strikes. Jade Cargill hits back with a big boot and covers for the pin. It is only good for two. Kierra Hogan distracts the referee at ringside and Red Velvet hits a cutter. The referee is too slow to the count and Jade Cargill kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Cargil gets Velvet up and hits her with the Jaded Slam. She covers and claims her fiftieth straight victory. Jade Cargill retains.

No Holds Barred Match: AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe defeats Darby Allin

Darby Allin enters the ring in a sweatshirt covered in thumbtacks. He charges Samoa Joe and strikes him with his sleeves. Joe pushes Darby off and tears the sweatshirt off of him. A heavy chop is delivered and Samoa Joe stomps on Darby Allin in the ring corner. Joe grabs a table out from underneath the ring but has it kicked into his face by Allin. Darby tries to toss Samoa Joe into the steel ring steps but Joe reverses. The action spills into the crowd where Samoa Joe bashes Allin’s head into the guardrail of the stairs. Darby Allin is tossed down the stairs after his powerbomb is reversed. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break Samoa Joe has a headlock on Darby Allin. He hammers him with a splash and covers for a two count. Joe puts on another headlock on Allin but he powers out and backs Joe into the corner. Darby hits a few punches in the corner but is then slammed to the mat by Joe. Another pinfall attempt, only good for two. Joe takes to chopping Darby before kicking him to the outside of the ring. He grabs another table out and sets it up against the crowd barrier. As Samoa Joe grabs Darby he fights back, which frustrates Joe, and he tosses him to the outside. Darby Allin crawls back inside of the ring and receives a Brainbuster from Joe. Joe sets up two steel chairs back to back He suplexes Darby across the both of them. He readjusts the chairs and sets up Darby again. Allin throws powder into Joe’s eyes and reverses. He grabs his sweatshirt with the thumbtacks on it and puts it back on. Darby dives from the top rope for a Coffin Drop. He covers but Samoa Joe kicks out at two. Darby Allin goes to the outside and pulls back the canvas on the ring, exposing the ring frame and boards underneath. He returns to the ring but Joe is on the outside. Allin dives at him but misses and crashes through a table. Joe throws him back into the ring and begins to abuse him with the Thumbtack sweatshirt. Allin grabs a chair and strikes Joe twice. Darby Allin takes to the top rope but Joe pulls the referee in the way and Darby Allin stumbles. Samoa Joe slams Darby Allin off of the tope rope onto the exposed boards and covers for the pinfall. The referee counts to three and Samoa Joe wins. He is the new AEW TNT Champion.

Warlow’s music hits and he storms the ring and attacks Samoa Joe. He sets up for his powerbomb but Samoa Joe gets out of it and retreats.

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