Impact Wrestling Results (11/24/2020) — Swann vs. Shamrock


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing November 24th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: The Rascalz Farewell

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Tonight daddy, Johnny Swinger faces off against “The Boys” in Wrestler’s Court. Will he be found guilty of shooting John E. Bravo? Or will he be found innocent, daddy? Also, Ethan Page faces off against a “Phenomenal” opponent, and Rich Swann defends the Impact World title against Ken Shamrock.

– We start the show with John E. Bravo still in the hospital. Scott D’Amore asks the doc if they need to pull the plug, but no, that’s not the case. The doc says if he does pull through, he might not be the same John E. Bravo we once knew. D’Amore seems alright with that. Tonight, he says justice will be done.

The Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament continues on. For this episode, Matt Striker has replaced Madison Rayne on commentary.

#1. [Knockouts Tag Tournament] Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. The Sea Stars, Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox — Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

– Jazz is in Impact Wrestling as Jordynne Grace’s tag team partner! I thought she retired? She says why not end her career on top? She lists her previous accomplishments, so let’s round out her career with the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Easy!

– Ethan Page has great news for Josh Alexander. Doc Gallows will be out of action for 4-6 weeks! He gloats about it and thinks he should get a pat on the back. Alexander says someone wasn’t thinking… they are missing their tag team championships. How are they going to get them back with Gallows on the shelf? Ethan says they are going to fix it. We are going to fix it. He promises Josh we got this.

The Wrestler’s Court (Part 1)

Madison Rayne is defending Johnny Swinger because she’s the only one who kinda likes him. D’Lo Brown is representing the prosecution and “The Boys”. Tommy Dreamer is the judge and theĀ  “Innovator of Jurisprudence.” Rayne objects immediately. She says Tommy was the one who conducted the investigation, so how can anyone trust he will be objective? In a flash, they immediately switch D’Lo in as the judge and Dreamer as the prosecutor. He says Swinger is guilty and had a gun in his fanny pack. Rayne says this was a meticulously thought out action by a criminal mastermind. That one detail in itself exonerates Swinger of any charges. It’s now time for prosecution to call their first witness, Fallah Bahh.

Why would Swinger shoot Bravo? Bahh says Swinger was bitter Bravo chose him as his best man. Next witness is Cody Deaner. What does he remember most about the wedding? He remembers the gun shot. What did he find in Swinger’s fanny pack at Turning Point? A gun. Acey Romero is next. He is not a fingerprint expert. However, he looked for fingerprints on the gun, but Dreamer says they belonged to Swinger. Acey says loads of people had their prints on them, including Brian Pillman and Ron Simmons. D’Lo shouts “Damn!”. Swinger’s got a good feeling about this daddy. Madison sighs and tells him he is not reading the room properly.

#2. [Defeat Rohit Challenge] Rohit Raju vs. Suicide (TJP?)* — Winner: Crazzy Steve??

*Rohit Raju said this is a non-title match because he doesn’t believe Suicide is someone new.

At the end of the previous match, Raju unmasked Suicide. TJP entered the ringside area and it turns out to be Crazzy Steve portraying Suicide! And he won the match.

– Moose makes his presence known while Sami Callihan is hyping up Ken Shamrock. It’s a shame they are going after the second best title in Impact. Moose has a lot of respect for Ken. But if he is successful in beating Rich Swann, please don’t forget about the last time they faced off. Callihan screams at Moose to get lost.

– Alisha asks Tenille Dashwood about what’s up with them now. She knows they lost in the tournament, but if they keep at it they could win something in future? Dashwood does like to stay positive about things. It seems this tag team will keep on? Well, alrighty then.

#3. Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Killer Kelly (w/ Renee Michelle) — Winner: Kimber Lee

Susie is back! Kimber Lee & Deonna Purrazzo look worried. She tells them they hurt her friend and that’s bad. Now her friend is here… and it’s gonna’ get really bad. I’m sorry. It’s Su Yung! She enters and attacks Purrazzo & Lee. Susie is still on the stage but you can’t see her face. Yung has her glove ready for the Mandible Claw, but Lee manages to save the Knockouts Champion.

– Alex Shelley has returned! Awesome. The Motor City Machine Guns want XXXL first. Then, they want The North for what they did at Bound For Glory. And finally step three, they are coming for The Good Brothers and the Tag Team Championship.

– Rich Swann catches up with Willie Mack. He’s not happy about the referee stopping his match with Moose last week. Chris Bey sits down with them and asks Mack to step out real quick while he talks to the World Champ. Swann tells him it should be him making his way out the door. He calls Mack a loser and riles up the champ to the point he gets in Bey’s face. If he gets past Shamrock, maybe give him a call?

Before the next match, Karl Anderson gives a boring promo about The Good Brothers being champions everywhere they’ve gone. He plugs their beers. And he finally introduces Ethan Page’s ‘phenomenal’ opponent… AJ Styles’ old TNA music plays. Oh no.

#4. Ethan Page vs. AJ Swoggle — Winner: AJ Swoggle

I don’t know what to say about what I just saw.

The Wrestler’s Court (Part 2)

Johnny Swinger says he’s an elite wrestler at the top of his game, why would he screw all that up by shooting someone? Dreamer knows he’s not capable of that. Think about it, it could be someone else here. Madison has nothing else to say. Tommy calls up Father James Mitchell to the stand. Mitchell admits to being a whore monger and has a PHD in demonology.

Dreamer asks that in his world, what is the significance of virgin blood? Mitchell says it is highly prized for its magical properties. Rosemary is next up. Tommy asks her when she first had feelings for Bravo and she says it’s personal. He demands she tell him if she ever loved John E. Bravo. No! She didn’t. She is Rosemary, death dealer of the shadows. Do you really think he was worthy of us? She used him. As soon as they caught sense of that virgin blood, it would give her so much strength in the other world.

Bravo is back from the hospital! He gets in her face and can’t believe she would use him like that. D’Lo Brown says that in light of the new evidence… it’s clear who shot her. However, Bravo says it still wasn’t Rosemary who shot him. He couldn’t see the guy… but he could smell him. Dreamer asks Larry D with a lie detector if he shot Bravo. No. Ok, that’s fine. But wait, Dreamer sprays some old scent on Larry D and he transforms in to “Lawrence D” from Wrestle House. He admits to shooting Bravo because he wanted Rosemary for himself. In light of the evidence, D’Lo Brown gives the verdict that Johnny Swinger is “Not Guilty”.

#5. Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari — Winner: No Contest**

**Joe Doering & Eric Young destroy the guys in the ring. EY says his purpose is clear, his vision is clear and he will be opening eyes to the truth. This world is sick. And what you’re looking at is the cure.

Here comes Rhino! He takes it to ’em both. But it’s not enough and he succumbs to the duo. EY says this world doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to us.

– Swoggle tells Crazzy Steve he looks ridiculous and takes it as a compliment. TJP thanks Steve for doing all this for him (he wants a new X-Division champ so he can get a shot). Brian Myers enters the conversation and says this is not the Impact he signed up for. He slates them all and tells TJP he needs to wear some makeup.

– Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee find Father James Mitchell. Is there anyway he could turn their Su Yung problem in to a Susie problem? He could do something for them… but it would come at a price. They ask what the price is, but he tells them not to worry about it. Deal with him and they will get what they want.

#6. [World Championship] Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock — Winner: Rich Swann

Shamrock’s shoulders weren’t even on the mat. Sami Callihan runs down and hits the champ with a piledriver. He gets a baseball, provoking Eddie Edwards to come out and save his friend. Sami tapes Eddie to the ring rope and smashes him in the face with the baseball bat. The blood is majorly flowing right away! Officials and referees are out to stop them, and D’Lo Brown gets hit with the baseball bat too. It’s pandemonium here in the Impact zone as the show comes to a close.

— Impact Wrestling Results (11/24/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (11/24/2020)

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