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Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing November 26th, 2019. Check the link if you missed last week’s results: November 19th

This week’s episode is a gimmick throwback edition titled IPWF (Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation). Some talents have name changes, different looks, and IPWF has its own champions. The name changes are listed below.

  • Ethan Page = Julian Cumberbun, the International Commonwealth Television Champion
  • Willie Mack = Downtown Daddy Brown
  • Sami Callihan = Sonny Sanders (Jim Cornette parody)
  • Eddie Edwards = Cowboy Colt McCoy
  • Raj Singh = Dada Singh
  • Trey = Bill Ding (Builder)
  • Dez = Jim Nasium (Gym Teacher)
  • Josh Alexander = Tim Burr (Lumberjack)
  • Wentz = Ray Strack (Race Car Driver)
  • Tessa Blanchard = Blanche Ardmore*
  • Alexia Nicole = Mildred Moore*
  • Jordynne Grace = Georgia Cobb*
  • Jessicka Havok = Lady Bird Johnston*
*Collectively known as The Rough Riders (The Four Horseman parody)
  • Ace Austin = Rip Rayzer (Punk)
  • Rich Swann = Rapid Delivery Pete (Pizza Delivery)
  • D’Lo Brown & Fallah Bahh = Pummel & Plunder “Xcessive Force”
  • The Deaners = Oats & Hall, “The Hard Workers”
  • Madison Rayne = Jazzy Fitbody (Fitness Instructor)
  • Joey Ryan = Captain Joystick (Pilot)
  • Kiera Hogan = Miss Milehigh (Stewardess)
  • Moose = DJ 2 Large (Rap Star)
  • Don Callis = Sexton Hardcastle (Retired Legendary Wrestler)
  • Josh Mathews = Giuseppe Scovelli (Entitled Son of the Boss)
  • Rhino = Frank The Butcher
  • Jimmy Jacobs = Sebastian Baker (Scam Artist?)
  • Brian Cage = Muscles McGhee (Canadian Hero)
  • Michael Elgin & Madman Fulton = The Soviets
  • Scott D’Amore = “Pops” (Giuseppe Scovelli’s Father & Owner of IPWF)

Impact Wrestling Results (11/26/2019)

#1. Rip Rayzer vs. Rapid Delivery Pete – Winner: Rapid Delivery Pete

– The “Ice Man” interviews the champion Julian Cumberbun with Sonny Sanders. Cumberbun says this town would be nothing without the champ. There wouldn’t be any money, any women, and no pay for the guys in the back. Downtown Daddy Brown joins them and Julian keeps talking trash.

Brown says the people didn’t pay to listen to what he has to say, and tonight, he’s going to take his prized possession and send him packing. He may be the uptown, but Brown is the downtown. It devolves in to a brawl after Sanders attacks Brown from behind with the tennis racket. The #1 contender fights back and rips the champions trousers off in the process.

– Ice Man is back interviewing the tag team Xcessive Force. They are dressed up as the new team in town. Tick-tock, Plunder says The Hard Workers time is counting down, and they are about to take their last breath. Pummel says hard work is not having shoes. When the big storm comes, we will sail away because of Pummel & Plunder!

#2. Xcessive Force vs. The Hard Workers – Winners: The Hard Workers with a Sunset Flip Pin

Xcessive Force attack The Hard Workers from behind after the match. They crush the top hats before leaving the ringside area, leaving Oats & Hall devastated.

– Jake & Dave Crist are debuting a surfer gimmick on next week’s episode.

#3. Johnny Swinger vs. Buck Gunderson – Winner: Johnny Swinger with the Swinging Neckbreaker

Frank The Butcher is holding a butcher’s knife in the meat locker. He’s here to chop and beat through the competition. Sexton says he’s likely the most dangerous man in pro wrestling.

– The Rough Riders are here with the tag team titles. Blanche Ardmore says they are gonna’ come on them like they never had before; because they are the dirtiest players in the game daddy. Georgia Cobb repeatedly says you’d have to be dumb to get in the ring with them. Lady Bird Johnston tells us they are going to run their opponents over, and it’s gonna’ be rough. The tunnel of love is open all night long daddy!

Sebastian Baker makes his way to the ring a few minutes in to the next match, to check out Jazzy Fitbody.

#4. Jazzy Fitbody vs. Agnus Beerhart –Winner: Jazzy Fitbody with a Top Rope Splash (!)

– Baker compliments Jazzy on her victory. He’s had his eyes on her for the last six months, but no one’s played him like she has. All he wants is for her to sign on the dotted line and join the hottest act in wrestling. The deadline is up, and this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Baker suggests she doesn’t say no, as she may get struck with some bad blood. Fitbody looks reluctant and the crowd chants “No!”. She signs the contract anyway and Baker is happy to announce it. Fitbody kicks him in the nuts, rips the contract up and leaves.

#5. Bill Ding, Jim Nasium, Tim Burr & Ray Strack vs. The Rough Riders – Winners: The Rough Riders with the DDT

Some innovate offense in that match, especially the dangerous DDT maneuver.

– Mr. Atlantis is here to take The Body Slam challenge. Kong’s manager asks if he’s ever smelled that much money before. He thinks he has what it takes to slam Kongo Kong. Atlantis tries slamming him.. but the monster chops him down. Canadian hero Muscles McGhee makes his entrance to confront Kong. A brawl ensues, and Kong’s manager is taken out. McGhee slams him! What a feat of strength. Muscles poses with the flag for the crowd.

– Tommy Dreamer cuts a full heel promo. He is coming for the title next week; name dropping Vince McMahon, Nick Bockwinkel and so many other legends he doesn’t like.

– We see an extended video of last week’s match between Captain Joystick and DJ 2 Large. After some funny antics, DJ 2 Large puts his hat on and hits the Platinum Discus clothesline for the win.

– Captain Joystick is on his plane in The Cockpit with stewardess Miss Milehigh, saying all kinds of double entendres. DJ 2 Large joins him, and Joystick tries insulting rap music, but DJ owns him with a rap and flirts with his girl. Joystick attacks him, but it backfires badly

– We get a flashback from a month ago, when Gama Singh blinded Cowboy Colt McCoy with a fireball to the face. Tonight, seeing as he’s recovered, The Cowboy is seeking revenge in a blindfold match.

#6. [Blindfold] Gama Singh (w/ Dada Singh) vs. Cowboy Colt McCoy – Winner: Cowboy Colt McCoy with an Ace Crusher variation

Ice Man gets an interview with the winner. McCoy does this for the people.. but he’s attacked by The Soviets! They choke McCoy out with a chain. Pop comes in to tell them to stop it, but they deck him.The Soviets drape the Russian flag over The Cowboy.

– Pops is angry and cuts a passionate promo about putting all his money in to IPWF and building it from nothing. After that attack, he’s gonna lace up his boots and join McCoy in beating up The Soviets next week; and sending those commies back where they came from!

#7. [International Commonwealth TV Championship] — Julian Cumberbun (c)(w/ Sonny Sanders) vs. Downtown Daddy Brown – Winner: Downtown Daddy Brown with the Roll Up

Downtown Daddy Brown is the NEW International Commonwealth Television Champion! The IPWF roster make their way to the ring to celebrate with the new champion, and Sonny Sanders is livid. And there we have it folks! That was certainly a different kinda show.

–Impact Wrestling Results (11/26/2019) *IPWF*–

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