Impact Wrestling Results (5/19/2020) — Elgin vs. Callihan


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing May 19th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Mighty Moose Main Events

As he was taken out last week by Michael Elgin, Ken Shamrock will not feature in the #1 contenders tournament. Ace Austin takes his place against Rhino. The winner will face Hernandez in the next round.

#1. [#1 Contenders Tournament 1st Round] Rhino vs. Ace Austin – Winner: Ace Austin with The Fold after hitting Rhino with a cane behind the referee’s back


– Moose continues selling himself as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion; which is the real World Championship. He’s not going to be insulted by Josh Mathews, as he lists several valid points on why his matches were considered for the title and cannot be disputed. Suicide didn’t beat him last week, so they talk about would happen if he did become the champion, but he didn’t get the pin so it’s irrelevant. He is Mr. Impact Wrestling and the hero of this place, so he’s kind enough to give Suicide another chance.

– Ace Austin says Impact Wrestling is haunted by the ghosts of wrestling’s past. It’s time we leave the past in the past, and look to the future. We are looking at that future. He will become the youngest Impact World Champion of all time.

– Kiera Hogan meets up with Tasha Steelz and tells her she’s impressed. Hogan wishes she had someone to guide her after she debuted, so she’d like to guide Tasha in the right direction. Sounds right, right? Looks like they gonna’ be snatching some bitches together. New tag team formed.

#2. Crazzy Steve vs. Dave Crist (w/ oVe) – Winner: Crazzy Steve

– Madman Fulton is frustrated with The Crists for losing and tells them he’s done. They try to persuade him otherwise, but he grabs them both by the throats and shouts “I Quit!”. Josh Mathews asks what that means… and well, duh Josh?! He quit oVe. It doesn’t take much to figure that out.

– Rosemary is with Mr. Mundo (the plush dog toy). Johnny Bravo’s here again, it’s very much like last week. She noticed how he likes things a bit mean, going by how Taya Valkyrie treats him. Is she flirting with Bravo? Whatever it is, he doesn’t want any of it.

– A backstage interviewer catches up with Madman Fulton, but he’s infuriated and doesn’t talk. He kicks his way out of the building. Is this the last we will see of him?

#3. Triple XL, Acey Romero & Larry D vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh – Winners: TJP & Fallah Bahh

#4. [TNA World Championship] Moose vs. Suicide – Winner: Moose rolled through and grabbed the suit for leverage on the pin

– Michael Elgin compares himself to Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor, in the way that fans will remember him no matter how much they hate him in the present. He took out Ken Shamrock last week, and is looking forward to when he’s fit to return.

#5. [X-Division Championship] Willie Mack (c) vs. Johnny Swinger – Winner: Willie Mack with the Standing Moonsault

– Johnny Swinger chop blocks Mack from behind, and Chris Bey comes to the ring to help out. Swinger looks so dejected… he’s gutted to have been played. Not really though, he holds up Bey’s arm and tell us someone finally gets it. Is this a new tag team?

– Ethan Page is done with defending the titles against nobodies. But The North do have a challenger, as Cody Deaner finally appears out of isolation and wants to face them; but he needs a partner. Next week, he will have someone and they’ll have the match at the Deaner compound.

#6. [#1 Contenders Tournament 1st Round] Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan – Winner: Michael Elgin with the Elgin Bomb

Impact Wrestling Results (5/19/2020)

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/19/2020–

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