Impact Wrestling Results (6/30/2020) — Fulton vs. Trey


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing June 30th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Fulton vs. Edwards

We open the show with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne. They have the Impact World Heavyweight Championship, and state that it has been vacated with no mention of Tessa Blanchard. A new champion will be crowned at Slammiversary.

#1. Suicide vs. Chris Bey (w/ Johnny Swinger) — Winner: Chris Bey with the assist from Johnny Swinger


Mathews says there will be a fourth mystery opponent in the main event of Slammiversary. Madison Rayne predicts Ace Austin will walk away with the gold.

– Meanwhile, Moose is backstage with the TNA World title. The only reason tonight’s match is so big is because he’s in it. Crazzy Steve thinks everything is fun and games, but fun and games didn’t make Moose the TNA Champion or made him millions of dollars in the NFL. Tonight, Steve finds out exactly why is the 5-star athlete, the real world champion, the best damned wrestler on the planet, and the legend known as Moose.

– Johnny Swinger’s talking about crooked referees and how he could easily buy them a fair deal at Slammiversary. He fails to notice a referee is behind him, and lets him know he won’t be at ringside for the X-Division title match between Chris Bey and champion Willie Mack.

#2. Fallah Bahh & TJP vs. Reno Scum — Winners: Bahh & TJP with the Mamba Splash

Locker Room Talk! —  Johnny Swinger can’t believe he’s been banned from ringside at Slammiversary… but Madison Rayne says we don’t have time for Swinger drama. Introducing Johnny Bravo! He thanks Madison for having him. Madison says it’s been a really trying few weeks for everyone, but it looks like things are heating up in the love department for Bravo. He doesn’t know what she means… til she mentions Rosemary. Rayne is implying he’s hanging around with her quite a bit, but Bravo doesn’t see it.

The most important woman in his life is here… it’s Rosemary! She literally appears from outta’ nowhere next to Bravo. Madison says Bravo is being a little coy. Rosemary asks Bravo to explain what is going on… Swinger says you can feel the sexual tension in the air here, it’s so intense even he can feel it. But he doesn’t mean Bravo and Rosemary, he means himself and Rosemary.

Bravo is offended and gets in Swinger’s face. Rosemary is enjoying them fighting over her. Madison straight up asks Bravo if he is in love with her. Before he can answer, Taya Valkyrie walks in and sits her backside down next to Bravo. She asks Rosemary if she’ll be her tag team partner… the coolest tag team ever! Rosemary accepts, which pleases Valkyrie a lot. They walk out together… and Madison Rayne says well that didn’t get cleared up, but maybe next time??

The North Address The Attack On Ken Shamrock

Josh Alexander says all good things come to an end Ken Shamrock. Ethan Page says Shamrock has never had a tag team partner or any friends and he’s going to explain why. He’s crazy, has rage issues, and can’t control his temper, so why would someone want to deal with him? He’d be his friend, but only so he can get someone to help him with counseling.

Ken Shamrock has heard enough and heads to the ring. He’s about to enter… ICU! Sami Callihan says “Who needs friends when you have an enemy”. He appears in the ring and helps Shamrock take on The North! They fight off the tag team champions and stand in the ring together. Callihan gives Shamrock a Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! And disappears, leaving the World’s Dangerous Man alone.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore gets off the phone with some “Good Brothers”. Ethan Page asks if they look like they are in wrestling gear… how is this a safe work environment when his workers can jump them when they aren’t ready? D’amore is appalled! Something has to be done about this! It can’t happen on his watch! So at Slammiversary… they can put the belts on the line against Shamrock and Callihan! What a great idea… he knew they had spunk in ’em. I’m sure that’s not what they were after.

Flashback Moment: Magnus vs. Eric Young (c) at Sacrifice 2014 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

– Jimmy Jacobs looks to get a word with Trey before his match tonight. It’s the first time since he was attacked from behind, for a second time backstage by Madman Fulton. Trey doesn’t care what he has to do, he’s going to break Madman Fulton, because where he comes from people don’t do that.

Again, Moose wants David Penzer to formally introduce this title match like it’s the biggest deal in the world. He wants him to really mean it. Of course, it takes a few attempts til Moose is satisfied with Penzer’s announcing.

#3. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose (c) vs. Crazzy Steve — Winner: Moose retains with the Lights Out Spear

Moose attacks Crazzy Steve after the match. Tommy Dreamer and officials come out wearing masks to stop this, as he’s clearly out of line. Even more so when he attacks Dreamer as well! Something’s got to be done about him.

Hard Times 2020

After the break, Tommy Dreamer is on the mic and bleeding from his head. He’s fought thousands of wrestlers in his time, and only a handful of them have the natural ability and talent of Moose. With that talent, he became a NFL player just because his friends asked him too. And after that, he came to wrestling just because he needed a paycheck, but still became one hell of a wrestler. But he’s doing the same thing again as he did in football by not listening to his peers and the legends looking to mentor him. Moose will be a bust in pro wrestling as well… because he didn’t win any championship, he just created one for himself.

Championships aren’t made, that’s not how wrestling works. He’s been beaten up by better. Maybe he hasn’t noticed? But we’re in the hardest time in the world and pro wrestling hasn’t stopped. We’re afraid (the talent), but Impact Wrestling did everything they could to make them happy. But Moose, the narcissistic son of a bitch… started complaining about catering. Be a locker room leader, not a locker room cancer! Just like the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes… his belly might be a bit big, but he’s just as tough. Moose was a footnote in the NFL, and he will be a footnote in wrestling… because he’s a waste of talent.

– Hernandez is betting with The Deaners and beating them at arm wrestling without much effort. That’s one way of cleaning up! Easy money.

#4. Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Havok (w/ Neveah) — Winner: Kiera Hogan

– Moose heard everything Dreamer said. Tommy has no idea what he’s been through in his life, the only thing he knows is what he read on Wikipedia. Moose is the TNA World Champion and he’s got to respect him. That was slander and defamation of character. Dreamer better apologize for his comments or he will sue this company.

#5. Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) vs. Trey — Winner: Madman Fulton by disqualification

Trey attacks Austin and Fulton with a steel chair! He’s ready for Slammiversary and to become the new champion.

After this… we hear familiar music and can see a costume with the letter “E”. It can only be Eric Young’s old persona “Super Eric”. Wow! That’s confirmation right there. EY is returning to Impact Wrestling.

 — Impact Wrestling Results (6/30/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (6/30/2020)

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