Impact Wrestling Results – July 5th, 2019


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing July 5th, 2019 (7/5/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks results: June 28th

#1. TJP vs. Ace Austin – Winner: TJP won by submission with the Knee Bar

And again, another solid opening match from Impact. Ace looked amazing in defeat here, thanks to TJP’s generosity.

– Backstage interview with Johnny Impact and John E. Bravo. They are Team Unity standing together like the Mega Powers, and they call themselves Team Johnny. Impact channels his inner Hogan, while Bravo poorly imitates The Macho Man. They’re facing Rich Swann & Willie Mack tonight.

#2. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan (w/ Jordynne Grace on commentary) – Winner: Kiera Hogan with Face The Music*

*Kiera tried to cheat by using the ropes during a pin cover, which momentarily got Jordynne up from the table. Shortly after, Kiera hit her cradle neckbreaker. Post match, Grace got in the ring to scare her off.

– Gama Singh shows Rohit Raju the family pottery handed down through generations of the Singh Family. In the background, we see The Deaners pour beer in to the tea pot behind their backs. They pour some tea in to their cups and take a drink .. but spit it out immediately. Quickly figuring out its beer, they figure it could only be The Deaners. After they leave, Rohit comes back to finish his cup off without Gama knowing.

– Su Yung and Jessicka Havok are in each other’s faces, but Mitchell soon calms them down. He needs some patience, solidarity, and understanding leading between them. To Havok, he tells her they will make her Knockouts Champ. Mitchell reminds Su that she would still be Rosemary’s pet if it wasn’t for Havok. The main goal is to help Havok to claim the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Rosemary vs. Jade (Mia Yim) in Monster’s Ball on Impact Wrestling Genesis, January 26th 2017

Note: On this episode, Impact aired several long video packages highlighting the buildup for feuds leading in to Slammiversary, including: Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin, Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard, the Monster’s Ball Knockouts match, Moose vs. RVD, Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards, and Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact

Before the next match, it should be noted that Rohit Raju is visibly tipsy from the alcohol he drank earlier. And we also have the return of Laredo Kid to Impact Wrestling, after being featured in one of the biggest matches of the night at AEW Fyter Fest. During the next match,

#3.  Laredo Kid vs. Rohit Raju – Winner: Rohit Raju with the Big Time Double Stomp off the turnbuckle to Laredo’s back**

**Laredo & Raju broke the ring’s bottom rope completely off, and they had to finish the match without it. Raju managed to put Laredo away with some Desi Hit Squad interference.

– Moose gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he would be lying through his teeth, if he said he didn’t love RVD as a kid. He’d tune in to ECW to see guys like Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Taz. But the problem is, that was 20 years ago and things have changed. He can’t be a fan of his anymore, because he’s just better. RVD may have been all around the world, but Moose has also been all around the world. He has a supermodel girlfriend, while Moose has supermodel “girlfriends”.

RVD is a future HOF, but believe it or not .. in six years, he’s also a future HOFer. He may be the whole F’n show, but Impact Wrestling is his show. RVD calls himself Mr. PPV, but this is false. Last time he checked, it’s been years since RVD’s been on PPV, so at Slammiversary? Moose gives him the chance to validate himself. As RVD is “420 around the clock”, and probably has no idea what he’s saying .. here’s a video package.

He points to the titantron and shows a video of him with an unconscious Sabu. Has he got your attention now Rob? At Slammiversary, not only is he gonna kick your ass, but he’s gonna retire you. RVD quickly runs to the ring and tries taking out Moose, but security follows him to put a stop to it. They manage to split them up, as Josh Mathews tells us they are going to war this Sunday in Dallas.

#4. [Loser Will Not Wrestle LAX at Slammiversary] Dez vs. Trey vs. Wentz  – Winner: Dez & Wentz both covered Trey after hitting their pushed Standing Moonsault finisher

Some unique spots in this one, that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. Cool to see The Rascalz face each other, although in the end, it seemed clear that Dez & Wentz were happy teaming together (the originally scheduled team) at Slammiversary. Trey tried weaseling his way in to the match, so it would be understandable if this causes some friction between them in future.

– Tessa Blanchard shows up to the venue and gets out of the car with a baseball bat. It’s about to get serious, as she looks pissed over how things went down last week.

– We’re back in church with Killer Kross. He says: “We are gathered here today, collectively, to analyze the parable of a man who lost everything. Interestingly enough, the ending to this story has yet been written. This man was abandoned and betrayed by all his friends and loved ones. And by his own hand, this man is truly in a place of isolation. The abandonment of God and love itself. And the ultimate salvation for any man is to die for his sins. At Slammiversary, that individual will be granted that opportunity. Ladies & Gentleman, you may now stand and kneel to Kross, as he is the only true salvation.” He drinks blood from a chalice and grins maniacally.

#5.  Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Johnny Impact & John E. Bravo – Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack with the Phoenix Splash

– Sami Callihan is with Jake Crist eating somewhere outside the building. He’s celebrating the win over Tessa Blanchard early. Jake wonders what’s taking Dave so long. Sami explains he told Dave to go put on a movie (The Little Mermaid) in the basement for Fulton. Suddenly, Dave goes flying across the screen and over their food. oVe turn their heads and see Tessa standing in the doorway with a baseball bat.

Sami manages to get the bat off her, and they brawl. She picks up a broken bottle and threatens to smash him with it, but Jake grabs her from behind and holds her arms back. Sami tells her they could have made history .. he would’ve made her famous, but she had to ruin it! Tessa breaks free, grabs the baseball bat and clocks Callihan right in the face with it. The show ends with Tessa looking down on a wounded Sami. What a cool way to finish the last episode of Impact leading in to Slammiversary .. thanks for joining us!

–Impact Wrestling Results 7/5/2019–

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