Impact Wrestling Results (9/15/2020) — Rich Swann Returns


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing September 15th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Eric Young Is The World Champ

The show open by paying tribute to Barry Scott, and the first match is a Knockouts Tag Team contest.

#1. Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae & Susie — Winners: Kylie Rae & Susie with the Panic Switch


Susie seems to be slowly transforming back in to Su Yung each week, but Kylie Rae is keeping her from doing so.

– Trey implies Rohit Raju is dodging the competition, but he denies it. He says there isn’t a clear #1 contender yet, and there’s no defending the belt til it’s cleared up.

– Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are still on Johnny Bravo’s case. Who is the best man? He grabs Fallah Bahh and says he is… when he clearly isn’t. Hogan & Steelz doesn’t believe him and thinks it’s dumb.

#2. XXXL, Acey Romero & Larry D vs. The Deaners — Winners: XXXL

#3. TJP vs. Trey — Winner: Trey with the flying double knees

– We go backstage and see The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton beating up the other two Rascalz. After they leave, officials and Motor City Machine Guns check up on them. Later, MCMG ask the doctors if Dez & Wentz will be ready to compete tonight, but he says there is no way they will be medically cleared by then. The Good Brothers chime in by telling ’em they aren’t busy, but MCMG say they don’t need them. Gallows & Anderson are going to see them out there anyway, so it looks like they haven’t got a choice.

Rich Swann Returns

Swann is still on crutches as he gets in the ringe. Instead of doing it in the back, he thinks the world deserves to hear what he has to say. He asks Scott D’Amore to come to the ring, which he does. Recently, he came to the ring and was forced to give up what he loves. So, as he sits at home rehabilitating, the very guy who tries to ruin his life, becomes the Impact World Champion. He knows Scott is concerned, but he asks if he can get back in the ring to fight Eric Young. D’Amore says he has nothing but respect, and he would like nothing more to see him compete. But someone has to be responsible. He talked to his doctors and he’s not medically cleared.

Swann says he will be ready for Bound For Glory next month. He is the only one who has pinned him, so he is next in line. Scott loves his fighting spirit, he was right there at his side when he had a neck collar on; he’s right about pinning Young. But sometimes, things don’t go right. In this condition, he might become crippled if he were to get in the ring. Swann says he might be right. What he wants D’Amore to do though… is to put himself in his shoes. If you had the opportunity to fight and claw, and get a chance, you know you will take it. That son of a bitch tried to ruin his career and life.

He doesn’t give a damn if he ends up crippled. All he wants is Eric Young. He has a heart of a lion and the fight of a fire breathing dragon. If he can’t have this, he might as well be taken behind the barn and put out of his misery. Here comes the Eric Young and he shoves D’Amore down. Swann jumps on the World Champ and gets a piece. EY escapes and tells him he’s made a mistake. He won’t leave Bound For Glory. D’Amore gets on the mic and appears to be persuaded by Swann’s words, he wants him to go to Bound For Glory and take this piece of shit out. Swann is fired up, while the World Champ thinks it’s not right.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie asks Rosemary where she was last week, when those little chihuahua’s Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz were sticking their nose in Bravo’s business. Rosemary asks her how many resurrections she has accomplished… zero? That’s what we thought. Bringing someone back from the dead isn’t easy, we have been busy. Rosemary wants Taya to help her with something, then she will help with her match, but Taya needs a lot of time to prepare for it. Fine! Rosemary will do her thing while she gets ready, and will meet her out there. Ok that’s a deal.

#4. Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack — Winner: Willie Mack with the Stunner

– We’re back to Rosemary, as she pushes Neveah to one side to get in the face of Havok. She has a request for her and wedding plans are hurrying along, so she needs to resurrect the only person who could coordinate a demon wedding. Rosemary needs the person who orchestrated the murder. Havok says she knows what she is asking, and there is no way it’s happening. Rosemary puts her hands on Havok, sending her in to a rage. Neveah gets her away from Rosemary before she can do any serious damage. Is Rosemary looking to get Su Yung to conduct the wedding??

“Demo God”

– Meanwhile, Moose finds Scott D’Amore. EC3 has been stalking him, but Scott doesn’t have time for this, his assumptions of his coach being brainwashed sounds ridiculous. He thinks Moose is imagining EC3, seeing as he’s done so well to convince himself he’s the imaginary TNA World Champion. Just maybe… he’s making this up? It doesn’t make any sense. There’s enough madmen around here.

As D’Amore walks away, Moose thinks it could be a possibility. Suddenly, EC3’s voice  is heard and we cut to another of his promos (which magically appears on the wall next to Moose via light projection) with the TNA World title. EC3 says the longer he has to wait for Moose to find him, the closer he gets to going full blown psycho with a blade on the title belt.  Time… Is… Running… Out.

Moose gets on the phone and calls the “Demo God” (!) for advice. He says this is the “Wrestling God”. Moose asks the Demo God how he handled the situation of him having his title belt stolen away (he’s talking about the time when Chris Jericho’s AEW World title was stolen). We don’t hear the reply, but Moose thanks him and says next time… the bubbly is on him. Ok, Moose knows exactly what to do.

-We cut to Rhino letting Heath in to the building. They are looking for their quick money fix. Next up, Kaleb is doing a photoshoot with Tenille Dashwood. Jordynne Grace gets in the way of it, asking if she’s showing up for work this week. Tenille thinks she is jealous of her achievements. Grace lets her know that next week she will have to do her job, as she has a match scheduled with her. Dashwood isn’t worried.

#5. Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) — Winner: Kiera Hogan with Face The Music after Tasha’s interference

– Rhino & Heath find Hernandez, and Rhino is looking for an arm wrestling rematch. He’s not doing it with his back to the door, in case Hernandez is planning something. They get ready to go… but Rhino is stalling badly so Heath can steal the money while Hernandez isn’t looking. Heath somehow takes it without him seeing, so Rhino backs out of the challenge and they walk out.

– Chris Bey tells Rohit Raju he owes him a rematch. Raju gets that… but TJP beat him, which means there isn’t a clear #1 contender. TJP got beat by Trey as well, so he pops up and says it should be him. Raju says there is an easy way to solve this… let’s have a triple threat to decide who gets to face him. Sorry, but Raju says it sounds perfectly logical. Trey makes him give his word, that the winner of the triple threat match gets a shot at the X-Division title.

#6. Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (The North), Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley (Motor City Machine Guns), Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson (The Good Brothers) — Winners: The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton*

*The North hit a double team move as Ace Austin blind tags himself in and steals the pinfall victory from under their nose. There’s tension between these two teams, and MCMG & The Good Brothers don’t look pleased with each other. Four-way match at Bound For Glory perhaps?

— Impact Wrestling Results (9/15/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (9/15/2020)

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