Impact Wrestling Results (9/22/2020) — Grace vs. Dashwood


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing September 22nd, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Rich Swann Returns

#1. [X Division #1 Contender] Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel vs. TJP — Winner: Trey Miguel with the double knee stomp

#2. [X Division Championship] Rohit Raju (c) vs. Trey Miguel — Winner: Rohit Raju rolls him up and grabs the tights!*

*The match took place immediately after the opener. It lasted about ten seconds.


– Eric Young’s conscience is clear., he will sleep like a baby. Swann & D’Amore chose the hard path. Everything that happens from this point is on him.

– Kaleb tells the interviewer that Tenille is busy, but she’ll be ready for her big return tonight. Dashwood comes to the door. She shares an inspirational quote before going back in to her locker room.

#3. Susie (w/ Kylie Rae) vs. Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) — Winner: Susie with the Panic Switch

– Deonna Purrazzo attacks Kylie Rae from behind. Rae & Susie fight back and put an end to the assault. Kylie gets a microphone and says she can’t bully her and Susie anymore. She’s challenging Deonna for the Knockouts title at Bound For Glory!

– Heath tells us he needs a job… he has kids. He also needs a job because he loves professional wrestling. And look, he can go anywhere he wants too… til he gets told to leave by security. Where he really wants to be though, is in Impact Wrestling. His best friend’s here. Oh look, it’s Rhino… in the wild. Rhino says rhinos are an endangered species, so help Heath get a job and his kind will always be safe. #Heath4Impact — A bunch of celebrities say Heath needs a job, including: David Hasselhoff, Nancy Kerrigan, Chuck Norris, Flavor Flav, D’Lo Brown… even his kids. Wow! That’s a serious plug.

– Motor City Machine Guns, Good Brothers and The Rascalz are backstage. Rascalz want a go at The Good Brothers… which they are happy to give. No need to be so angry.

– EC3 tells Moose he knows what it’s like to have the TNA World title stolen from him. You feel scared and violated. But in these times we come together and control the narrative. We’re in 2020, we posses cellular technology. We control information, so let’s help Moose find the TNA title. He gives out Moose’s phone number, for anyone who has information on the whereabouts of the TNA title. In one voice, we can tell the thief “you have been warned”.

– Taya Valkyrie is upset Rosemary wasn’t there for her last week. Rosemary was knocked out backstage, because Taya didn’t have her back with Havoc. If they’re gonna’ make this work, they need to be on the same page. Taya does the nice thing by offering to help Rosemary first, which surprises her. She’s happy because Bravo is becoming his own man.

Meanwhile, Bravo has assembled his bachelor party, which includes The Deaners, Alisha Edwards, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger and Fallah Bahh. Cody has a match though… so The Deaners are out of here, but will be back later. Fallah Bahh and Johnny Swinger argue… so Tommy Dreamer pops up and shouts “Match Ti–“, Bravo interrupts by saying it doesn’t work like that here, it’s not Wrestle House!

– Brian Myers gets upset when it’s implied he cheated against Willie Mack and flips over a table. Tommy Dreamer understands his thoughts, but he needs to respect this place and clean it up. Myers refuses… so Dreamer demands it. He will make him a little deal, he will clean it up, but if he sees him again? He will walk the other way.

#4. Cody Deaner vs. ??? — Winner: Does Not Start

Before Deaner can get to the ring, the World Champion Eric Young attacks him and Cousin Jake. The World Class Maniac annihilates Cody with a piledriver. He’s sending a message to Rich Swann, Scott D’Amore, Eddie Edwards; anyone who thinks they can challenge him. He locks on a nasty anklelock.

Cousin Jake enters the ring and somehow saves Cody from getting his ankle broken. Young blindsides Jake and carries on dismantling The Deaners. A piledriver to Cousin Jake! He’s satisfied with his night’s work. Are you watching Rich?? It’s your fault Scott. Are you watching Eddie?? The World Class Maniac means serious business. This is nonstop brutality. Impact is his world now. Two security guards come down but they are taken out immediately.

Scott D’Amore comes out and tries stopping him physically. He tells EY to use his brain and think about what he’s doing. He grabs Scott… and Eddie Edwards rushes out. He wants retribution against Eric Young. Backstage, Eddie has a go at Scott for allowing Young to run roughshod around here. He demands a title match against him… so D’Amore gives him one at Victory Road.

#5. [If Sami Loses, Forbes Gets 5 minutes With Him] Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Sami Callihan — Winner: RVD rolls him up after Forbes sprays him with hairspray

Forbes gets her five minutes. She stomps on him a bit, til he recovers and almost hits the Cactus Special. RVD saves her and gets a steel chair. He places it on Sami… RVD goes up top, but Callihan comes alive and throws the chair at him! Piledriver to Forbes! He finally got what he wanted. Thumbs up! Thumbs Down!

– There’s friction between The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. Ethan Page says they got lucky to team with the longest reigning champions of all time. Next week, Fulton & Austin get the chance to prove they are the best tag team.

**In The Break, Tommy Dreamer says #Heath4Impact is trending higher than AEW Dark. Let’s keep it going!**

#6. Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb) — Winner: Tenille Dashwood with the Spotlight Kick (after Kaleb got involved)

— Impact Wrestling Results (9/22/2020)–

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