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ResultsINDIENWA The Circle Squared Results & Review 2/18/20

NWA The Circle Squared Results & Review 2/18/20



This week of NWA is a little bit different from the usual Powerrr on Tuesday nights. This week, NWA management is giving us something very similar to older wrestling promotions and territories that have bright and/or faces of Professional Wrestling.

Whether they are an indy veteran that wants to show they craft to a more public audience or a fresh new face that might one day make a name for themselves, this is what NWA The Circle Squared is for. Sean Mooney will be the host of this product as a Father and Son team will face against another team with a legendary presence in their corner.


PJ & Luke Hawx vs Tyson Dean & Jeff Lewis Neal (w/ Nikita Koloff): Hawx Aerie def. Dean & Neal via Tandem Powerslam- **


Billy Corgan gives the run down of what Circled Squared is all about, running down the show. The fans determining the next NWA stars in the future by their response towards the talent.

The Hawx Aerie, as they like to be called; are brought out to talk to the crowd to make their name and presence known. The son, PJ, gives us his goal of making it inside of the wrestling ring; as Luke tells us that they are the XYZ of wrestling because they don’t start things, they finish it.

Nikita Koloff comes out, talking about his past with wrestling and the legends that trained him and wanted to give it to the New Generation of wrestling and brings out “The Best Kept Secret in Tag Team Wrestling”; Dean and Neal, and say that they will show the world why they are the best kept secret.

PJ & Luke Hawx vs Tyson Dean & Jeff Lewis Neal (w/ Nikita Koloff)- Dean and Neal start off strong against PJ with many tandem power moves like Hart Attack and Spine Busters but as soon as the hot tag to Luke Hawx came in like a house of fire and takes both Neal and Dean down with a Leg Lariat and takedowns. After a quick tag back to PJ, they wrap it up with a Tandem Powerslam and it’s all she wrote.

As the match came to a close, Sean Mooney reveals that the 2020 Crockett Cup will be held in Atlanta on April 19th; where Marty Scrull will face Nick Aldis for the NWA World Championship.


NWA Powerrr will return to it’s regularly scheduled programming next week.

Final Analysis:

I’ve always loved the concept of independent talent getting a call up or to show their craft. PJ and Luke Hawx are a little more well known in the wrestling world. Recently, a clip of PJ diving off a second floor mall balcony made it’s rounds in the community.

The Hawx Family is really talented if you want to know more about them. I am also a huge fan of the Wrestling Community giving their input between the shows, mainly The Blue Meanie and Brittani Nikole. We shall see who will get the NWA Contract in the future; but, that was the premier episode of The Circle Squared; the fans can also join in the action if you follow the link to The Circled Squared.


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