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ResultsNXT**SPOILERS** For This Week’s Episode Of WWE NXT Level Up (3/29/24)

**SPOILERS** For This Week’s Episode Of WWE NXT Level Up (3/29/24)



Prior to this week’s episode of WWE NXT, the following three matches were taped for Friday’s edition of NXT Level Up:

* Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson defeated Carlee Bright and Kendal Grey via a wheelbarrow/cutter combination on Kendal.

* Je’Von Evans defeated SCRYPTS (with Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and Jaida Parker) when Evans was able to score a pin on SCRYPTS via small package.

* Hank Walker and Tank Ledger defeated Tyson DuPont and Tyriek Igwe. This was the third match in a best of 3 series made between the teams. After the match, all four shook hands and posed together.

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