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ResultsNXTWWE NXT Results For April 16, 2024

WWE NXT Results For April 16, 2024



Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is live out of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the eWrestlingNews coverage of NXT results for this week!

Follow along here for results of all the matches and noteworthy moments and keep refreshing for updates. Be sure to chat it up in the comments below and tell us your thoughts while watching this episode!

  • Noam Dar defeated Dijak by pinfall.
  • In her office, Ava informed Ilja Dragunov he’ll be in action tonight. He’s decided to have an open challenge against whoever stands face to face to him first.
  • A vignette showed Tatum Paxley’s struggles with making friends. Nobody wanted to play with her growing up. So to compensate, she became obsessed with the NXT Women’s Championship. She loved Lyra Valkyria, because she was “the closest thing to good” by letting her in. Once Valkyria lost the title and rejected her help, it broke her heart. Lyra is nothing to Paxley anymore. Roxanne Perez is the coolest girl in class, but she needs to win the title instead, and Lyra (her sweet dove) is in her way.
  • Lola Vice defeated Sol Ruca by pinfall with some help from Blair Davenport. Following the match, Natalya showed up on the TitanTron to say they’re going to have an NXT Underground match at Spring Breakin’ in 2 weeks.
  • Footage from NXT Anonymous from yesterday showed Ridge Holland getting mad at Joaquin Wilde and going after him until Ava told him to stop.
  • Gigi Dolin met up with Arianna Grace in a park. Grace is planning to get Dolin out of all the black clothing that projects too much violence and instead, get her dressing more like Grace.
  • Ridge Holland defeated Joaquin Wilde by pinfall as Shawn Spears
  • At the trainer’s office, Josh Briggs was approached by Ivar, who tried to offer him some advice to heal up some more before trying to fight Oba Femi. Instead, he should let Ivar beat Femi first and then, he can get the first shot after. Briggs isn’t down for that, insults him by saying he should go back to Raw to get beaten by Sheamus again, and we have a confrontation building.
  • Brinley Reece was working out with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade and preparing for AOP.
  • Backstage, Thea Hail and Andre Chase talked it out, Hail apologized for treating him so poorly over the towel situation and they’re back on the same page again.
  • Tony D’Angelo and the rest of the family had a promo segment about doing business with No Quarter Catch Crew, who isn’t willing to pay up for their services. Tony D now has his eyes on the Heritage Cup, and the factions are at odds.
  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Je’Von Evans by pinfall
  • Karmen Petrovic was interviewed about being in Natalya’s corner for the NXT Underground match. Lola Vice interrupted to tease that she has a surprise for who will be in her corner.
  • Backstage, Sol Ruca tells Ava she wants a No Disqualification match against Blair Davenport next week.
  • Tatum Paxley defeated Thea Hail by pinfall due in part to some interference from Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne. A brawl erupted after the match, including Lyra Valkyria going after Paxley, too.
  • Roxanne Perez was interviewed about what just went down. She badmouthed everyone and is down to sit back and watch everyone beat each other up. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll give a title match to whoever is left standing. Ava comes over to say it’ll be a Triple Threat at Spring Breakin’ with Perez against Valkyria and Paxley. Perez is now mad and thinks Ava is conspiring against her.
  • The Final Testament’s Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pinfall. Axiom and Nathan Frazer came out after the match, looking for a fight, but officials kept everyone separate.
  • Arianna Grace took Dolin to a clothing shop that is more her style than Dolin’s. Grace picked out a green dress for Gigi, who decided to “make it her own” by cutting it up and somehow converting it into an entirely different dress.
  • Ivar defeated Josh Briggs by pinfall.
  • Backstage, Oba Femi had no response to the previous match, but did end up knocking down Oro Mensah again, off-camera, to keep that trend going from Stand & Deliver.
  • Steel Cage Match: Trick Williams defeated Carmelo Hayes by pinfall.

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