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ResultsRAWWWE Monday Night RAW Results For September 12, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Results For September 12, 2022



Welcome to EWrestlingNews’ live WWE Monday Night RAW results for September 12, 2022!

Rollins opens up the show with a promo. He rejects Matt Riddle’s request for a rematch from their match at Clash At The Castle, where Rollins was victorious. Rollins then says he has his eyes set on a World Title run. Riddle’s music hits and he attacks Rollins. The pair begin the brawl before Rollins is able to slip away.

Before Riddle can go after him, The Judgement Day’s music hits, and they come out. The Judgement Day actually offer Riddle a spot in their group, before Riddle declines the invitation. Riddle then attacks Priest and Balor, leading to our opening match.

Matt Riddle vs. Finn Balor

Thanks to a distraction from Rollins, Balor picks up the win with the Coup De Grace.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Rollins hits Riddle with a Curb Stomp, and then tells him it’s over, and to move on.

Damage CTRL is interviewed backstage. They claim they should’ve won the Women’s Tag Team Titles and vow to correct that mistake.

Backstage, Dominik Mysterio says he’s finally stepped out from his father’s shadow at Clash At The Castle. He goes on to say Edge got what he deserved and will finish what he started. Dominik says he’s not a little boy anymore, he’s a man.

Austin Theory announces that Johnny Gargano’s opponent tonight will be Chad Gable.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah (c) vs. Damage CTRL

Kai hits the Kai-ropractor for the victory.

Winners AND NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Damage CTRL

We get a backstage segment with Rey Mysterio pleading with Dominik not to face Edge tonight, warning Edge won’t hold back. Rey says he didn’t know Dominik was holding all of that inside and says it’s not too late to make things different. Rhea Ripley comes in and says Dominik is his own man now.

Johnny Gargano vs. Chad Gable

Gargano picks up the win with a DDT.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the match, it looks like Otis is going to attack Gargano, but Gargano slips away. Before he can make it to the back, Austin Theory comes out and attacks Gargano with his Money In The Bank briefcase, and takes a selfie with him after. On the mic, Theory pokes fun at Gargano, saying he needed to show him how things work on RAW. Kevin Owens interrupts.

Theory starts interrupting Owens before he can even speak. Owens says all Theory has accomplished in WWE has been handed to him. Theory flexes at Owens, saying he’ll never be like him. Owens says that since talking to Theory didn’t work – and then hits him. The pair brawl before being separated by officials, and Theory escapes.

Bianca Belair comes out and issues an open challenge for the RAW Women’s Title, and it’s answered by Sonya Deville.

RAW Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Sonya Deville

Belair gets the win with KOD.

Winner AND STILL RAW Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair

After the match, Belair is confronted and attacked by Damage CTRL. Belair is saved by Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

Omos (with MVP) vs. Ryan Toombs and Khash Marazi

Omos squashes the pair, hitting a spinebuster on both and stacking them for the pin.

Winner: Omos

Backstage, Rey Mysterio begs Edge not to go through with the match, and allow Rey one more chance to convince Dominik. Edge says Dominik needs to pay for what he did, and the match is happening whether he likes it or not.

Backstage, Seth Rollins challenges Bobby Lashley for the United States Title next week on Monday Night RAW.

We get an interview with The Miz and his family in The Miz’s home. Maryse assures Miz that Dexter Lumis can’t get into their home. Miz kicks everyone out of the house and we see Lumis in the house with Miz and his family.

Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio (w/ Rhea Ripley)

Rey Mysterio tries to stop the match, but he’s instead attacked by Judgement Day. Judgement Day then begin attacking both Edge and Rey Mysterio.

Winner: DQ

After the match, The Judgement Day beat down Edge and Rey Mysterio to end the show.

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