Ranking All of WWE’s Money in The Bank Briefcase Holders


13. Alexa Bliss (2018)

The second ever Ms. Money In The Bank, Alexa Bliss was just racking up the accomplishments at this point. In one night, she won the Money In The Bank ladder match in a crowded field that featured the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Then, later that night, she would cash in on Nia Jax, taking out Ronda Rousey in the process (taking notes, Corbin?).

Alexa Bliss is a superstar that been portrayed by many to be someone who gets all of the accolades because she has a look that WWE likes. While I think there are better in-ring performers, I do think Bliss was talented.

If the Money In The Bank ladder match takes place before the title match that the contract is for on the same night, the attention is instantly taken away from the match and what the aftermath will be. While she only held it for about an hour or so, it was still an eventful night for Alexa.

12. Carmella (2017)

Technically, Carmella is the winner of the first two women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches. I wanted to put Ms. Long Island a bit lower on this list, because she technically didn’t even win the first one. Her manager, if you want to call him that, James Ellsworth, retrieved the briefcase on her behalf. Then, she won on her own (technically) the second time.

Carmella gets the benefit of the doubt, however, by making her mark as the longest holder of the Money In The Bank briefcase. The longer a superstar holds the briefcase, the more anxious people get about when she would cash in.

In all candor, I think Carmella is relatively below average as a performer, and it was evident in her run as champion. She was frequently carried by superior superstars such as Asuka and Charlotte to hide her clear deficiencies (although I will say she has improved since then).

The moment of her cash-in also felt worth it because she held it for so long to begin with. While the moment she won it proved to be the height of her reign, Carmella made her mark holding the briefcase. Yes, she frequently lost. And was she annoying with her frequent yelling? I’d say so.

But she did a lot of things right in my opinion. She frequently teased cashing in, and she frequently put other superstars beneath her because of that accolade, which is what a heel is supposed to do. I’ll give her credit for that at least.

11. Kane (2010)

Kane is a pioneer of sorts in the Money In The Bank Ladder match. He’s been involved in six of them, but he was also the first man to cash in the briefcase on the same night he won it. Poor Rey Mysterio.

Being the first to do something gives you a bit of seniority in these ranks so one could say it is unfair to place Kane this high. However, Kane cashing in moments after he won the briefcase set a new standard of anticipation for the Money In The Bank PPV. Before Kane did that, no one would ever predict that the briefcase would be cashed in that same night, opening up new possibilities.

Since Kane’s victory on that night, the briefcase has been successfully cashed in twice (2016, 2018) on the same night.

10. Alberto Del Rio (2011)

If there’s one thing that WWE has an infatuation for, it is foreign aristocrat heels. Alberto Del Rio had the look of someone who was going to be inserted into the main event sooner than later upon his debut. In 2011, he already had a World Heavyweight Title match against Edge in what would prove to be Edge’s retirement match.

The real journey to his main event status would come at Money In The Bank 2011 when he would win the WWE Title briefcase. Del Rio would make his presence felt in the infamous Summer of Punk. What was supposed to be about CM Punk overcoming the powers of WWE that be ended up with Del Rio cashing in his briefcase and winning the WWE Championship.

If there was one thing I hated immensely, however, it was the hot potato that WWE would do in the fall of that year by rotating the WWE Title on Del Rio, CM Punk and John Cena. I don’t know how many of you may feel about Del Rio as a performer, but I did like his heel run in 2011, and this netted him two WWE Championship reigns that year and putting him in high profile situations.

9. Dean Ambrose (2016)

Money In The Bank 2016 is a special PPV, because every member of The Shield held the WWE Championship on the same night. Since Seth Rollins turned heel on The Shield in 2014, Dean Ambrose consistently watched back and saw his former Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, win all the world titles and main event all the PPV’s while he essentially got the scraps. It was so bad, it reached the point where he would lose matches to Bray Wyatt over malfunctioning TV’s. It was very bad at one point.

Then came 2016 where he won the briefcase. If you closely look at the expression on his face moments after winning it, you could probably guess that he was planning on cashing in later that night. It was also appropriate, because at the Money In The Bank PPV the year before, Seth and Dean had a ladder match over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that Seth just barely won. The next year, he would make sure he left with that title in an undisputed fashion.

Seth reclaimed what he never lost by defeating Roman in a prolonged match and Dean’s music hit. But he wasn’t coming down the ramp. Instead, he got the jump on Seth by striking him from behind with the briefcase. He takes some time to stare down the referee, with the stare telling us more than words ever could. One Dirty Deeds later, and the rest is history.

Seems bittersweet now that Dean is gone to reflect on what he looked like at his peak. He was the final member of The Shield to hold the WWE Championship, and while it wasn’t a memorable reign per se, this moment is about as memorable as they get.

8. Randy Orton (2013)

Orton’s Money In The Bank briefcase victory in 2013 is one of the more random victories on this list. The favorites in this match were CM Punk, a returning Rob Van Dam and a man who was slowly gaining momentum with the crowd as a singles competitor, Daniel Bryan. However, interluding feuds with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman put Punk and Bryan out of the picture.

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