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NewsMust-See Video - A Backstage Look at the WWE Creative Team

Must-See Video – A Backstage Look at the WWE Creative Team



A new WWE video that was recently released looks at the company’s creative team and how it works. Right now, you can view the video but WWE can always set it to private so view it quickly. Comments for the video are already disabled.

Anyways, the video was posted on May 3rd with an “Unlisted” status which means that you can only view it if you have the link.

Mick Foley’s son, Dewey Foley, who is a creative assistant for the company, is featured in the video. Also, Jen Pepperman (a Daytime Emmy winner) for her work on the Amazon series After Forever, is also featured.

The video features numerous WWE creative team members commenting on their responsibilities for creating seven hours of live content per week and the high pressure that goes along with that. It’s a must-watch video and gives you a good look at how WWE’s creative process works. While BG “The Road Dogg” James is featured in the video, Vince McMahon and Triple H are not. Of course, Vince McMahon approves the final TV scripts and that’s often the reason for very late changes, even as the show is airing live.

WWE can always set the video to private, but they have not done so as of this writing.

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