Wrestlemania 30: What Might Have Been!


Wrestlemania. It has transcended beyond just a mere pro wrestling event and has become an integral part of both sporting and pop culture, and nowadays is
treated with as much reverence around the world as that other spectacle of
grandiose proportions , the NFL Superbowl. And with the celebration of 30 years
as the grandest stage of them all it was promised that the WWE would deliver
the greatest show on Earth, a celebration of its 30yr existence with the best
the WWE has to offer.

And now that it has been and gone what have we been left with. Quite
frankly, it was a sub-par effort in terms of booking and creative, considering the amazing
talent they have on display in the modern era. Before the rumble the Universe
were primed for a massive show with their favorite superstars, and what we got
was a disastrously booked PPV that failed to utilize the core of their talent

And with the majority of the WWE Universe more vocal then it has ever been
and all crying out at what they wanted to see, the failure of whomever is in
charge of the creative process, although unlikely, should seriously reconsider
their position in the world of Sports Entertainment. Before the Royal Rumble of
2014, the Universe was genuinely excited and expected the greatest Wrestlemania
of all time, knowing who was to be involved.

And after the Rumble it just became a guessing game as to how they could
screw up the card more so than they’d already had, or make even more of a mess in
terms of PR for the event. Although they did fix some mistakes and
corrected a few errors in the lead up to the show, overall this whole
experience leading into Wrestlemania has shown just how out of touch with the
fans the WWE truly has become.

So upon spending a little more time than usual concentrating on the IWC and
the WWE social media machine, I have compiled a Wrestlemania card based on the
rhetoric that spewed forth from the masses as to the type of event they were
expecting, rather than the one that was delivered. Now I must point out that
this is NOT a review, merely a what-if scenario. A Wrestlemania booked by the
WWE Universe for lack of a better term.

And what may have made the celebration of 30 years of Wrestlemania go off
as the greatest and most loved of all time. But first, let’s see what they
actually got right.

(Side note: I understand this may be construed as a little late, but
unfortunately I had other editorial commitments. Also, this list is compiled
of Superstars who were on the roster at the time of the Royal Rumble, with one


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match For The WWE Tag Team Championship (kind of)

With the resurgence and renewed focus on the tag team division you could
not have booked a finer match to have on the card. One that showcased multiple
tag teams at once and for people to get behind. Many traditionalists say that
it should just have been a two on two affair but I think the multi-team option
was the way to go. It was a better chance to show the depth of a division

The only problem is that they put it on the pre-show. Honestly, who came up
with that idea? The WWE has spent over a year rebuilding the tag team division
from near extinction, but instead of allowing all of the hard work and progress
they have made shine on the grandest stage of them all for a big payoff, they
instead relegate it to youtube.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale (kind of)

Again, a concept with the right idea but the wrong execution. This should have been for a number one contender spot down the line but instead just became
a throw away match in the end. And with too many cooks it kind of spoiled the
broth. A 20 man Battle Royale would have been sufficient. Maybe with a Bray Wyatt win to push the dominance of his family could’ve have worked as well. Or at least have him as one of the final two with Cesaro.

And Chris Jericho should have been in it.

Lets begin….


Why did this match not happen? We were told this was more than likely going to be a match at Wrestlemania 30, we all wanted it to happen, the timing was
right, both superstars were over. So why didn’t it happen? Out of all the
matches on this fantasy card this is the one where Creative really dropped the
ball and showed their incompetence.

I mean, the Rhodes brothers, taking each other on after a successful tag
team championship run at the grandest stage of them all. My cat could book that
in his sleep, yet they decided to hold off until after the big one to get the
story rolling on this little idea.

Considering both superstars in ring ability (especially Goldust) this could
actually have stolen the show. Probably the reason why they didn’t go with it
considering the lackluster card to begin with. I think the McMahons knew this
and didn’t want a young gun and an old horse from the Attitude era showing up
the main event. No matter how much of a draw it may have been,


Again, this was one that could have been easily booked as a major feud for
the I.C. title with a similar storyline to the aforementioned Goldust vs Cody
Rhodes match that should’ve happened. But instead both superstars were shoved
into the already overflowing Andre the Giant Battle Royale without any real
spots and instantly forgotten.

Which is actually a head scratcher considering Vince McMahons reported love
for big men as champions. Why not have two of the biggest men on the roster go
for the gold, testing each other’s limits in the ultimate strong man contest?
The in-ring psychology alone would have had the crowd going nuts after the
first lock up. With Big E’s phenomenal speed for his size and Mark Henry’s
veteran instincts this actually could have also been a bit of a show stealer.

A match that truly defined the notion of the “irresistible force meeting
the immovable object.” Words that were spoken at the inaugural Wrestlemania by
the late, great Gorilla Monsoon during another big man match, Andre the Giant
vs Big John Studd body slam contest. But instead we got a lackluster run as
champion from Big E and Mark Henry totally forgotten, lost in the shuffle of 31
superstars. How is that best for business????


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