WWE ELimantion Chamber 2014 PPV Review


Rhode Brothers Def. Ryback & Curtis Axel

A decent tag match that finally saw the Rhode Brothers get a win that they desperately needed. For some reason WWE thought that it was a good idea to make the former tag team champions that latest jobbing team of the WWE. One has to wonder, if they do not turn the two against each other than what are they going to do with them? they can’t keep them as a team forever and with Cody still being young. What is the next move for the Rhode Brothers, but more importantly. Cody Rhodes. A decent match that gets a 2-5 * rating.

Big E. Retains Against Jack Swagger

This match surprised the hell out of me and i think it did for a lot of people. The crowd was into this fight by both men who took chances that was not needed. The spear by Big E. was awesome and the agility by Big E was just awesome. Nice way to kick off the PPV and a nice showcase for both men. Like i said before i would not mind seeing this match again or even a program with the two. Good match that gets a 3.5 * rating.

New Age Outlaws Retain Against The Usos

The match was solid, but nothing to go out of your way for. The Usos should be the guys to be champions next and i think most people would agree. They get over well with the fans and they get it done in the ring. I still think they should win it at WrestleMania 30, but that’s just me. Their time will come and for everyone hating on the Outlaws being champions you might want to enjoy this time instead of wishing it was over. They will never get another run like this in WWE again, so just sit back and relax. Solid match that gets a 2.5-5 * rating.

Titus O’Neal Def. Darren Young

This was not a bad match, but it was not a great match. I did not expect it to be a five star match, but it did however put over O’Neal as a dominate guy who has the potential to be big. O’Neal has the look that WWE is looking for and his future is very bright if pushed right. Darren Young sold like he was a used car salesman and it showed quite well for O’Neal. I still do not see this being over and look out for Darren to seek revenge. This match was OK and gets a 2-5 * Rating.

Mark Henry On The Superstar Panel

I like Mark Henry, I like him more as the heel gimmick. However he can cut promos, but is not a good guest speaker. You could tell that he was uncomfortable and one big man to another. We do not like being uncomfortable.

The Wyatt Family Def. The Shield

What an amazing match that could be match of the year down the line. Everything that you wanted in the huge battle between to of the best teams in the WWE went to war and this was the true main event of the show. It would have been cool to see these teams main event the show, but that is just unrealistic expectations. The Wyatt’s took the Shield apart and it made them look bigger than they already are. With the loss and how it went down, the Shield does not lose anything in defeat. Even Roman Reigns looked like a warrior with being just “this close” of prevailing, but fell short in defeat. This match was awesome and for me it gets a 5-5 * Rating.

Cameron Def. AJ Lee Via DQ

The match was short and forgettable. It looks like it and not only wasted time, but we get to have another match down the road. NA Rating

Batista Def. Alberto Del Rio

Look i have no problem against Batista and i am glad he is back as it while he brings something different to the product. Now I DO NOT agree with him being in the main event whatsoever. However if WWE really thinks they can put Orton and Batista in the main event of their biggest show of the year and the smartest / passionate fans of the year be in attendance and not boo the hell out of the match then they are crazy. Batista is out of his prime and it’s pretty obvious that it has passed. However you do not have to crap all over him just because you feel like it. Del Rio is like watching paint drying and i have no other comment about him. They worked hard, but the fans never bought into it. AT ALL. This match gets a 2.5-5 * rating.

Randy Orton Retains Inside The Chamber

Well if WWE really thinks that the fans will be crapping all over Batista – Orton then there right. The fans did not want Orton and made their opinion known in this match. I really hope they have something different, but most likely they will not have a backup plan. The Wyatts appearing was a nice touch and it gives John Cena something that the fans can get into. However roles will be reversed and Cena will be the heel. Everyone did their job in this match and i thought it was a better one than in past years. I give this match a 4-5 good match * rating.

Overall Rating: Aside from the chamber and the Wyatt – Shield match this PPV was completely forgettable. Keep it locked on the site for the latest post EChamber PPV news.

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