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EditorialBold Predictions for WWE in 2023

Bold Predictions for WWE in 2023



Every year, strange and noteworthy things happen in WWE. WWE is known for surprising the WWE Universe in good and bad ways. Whether it’s a surprise return, someone winning a championship, or questionable booking, WWE is constantly showing that every year is a year filled with unpredictability.

2023 should be no different, which is why it’s time to acknowledge some of the potential “bold” things that may occur this year.

Cody Rhodes Wins the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

Cody Rhodes winning the WWE Championship in 2023 is not “bold” per say, however, with all the speculation going around about the plans for WrestleMania, nothing is a guarantee. Not only do I predict Rhodes to become the WWE Champion, but I expect him to do so by winning the Royal Rumble in January. It is about time Rhodes takes his rightful place at the top of the mountain in WWE. He should’ve claimed gold a long time ago when he was previously with the company. The situation in which Rhodes wins the title though, plays a part into my next prediction…

Roman Reigns Defends His Titles on Both Nights at WrestleMania

Not only do I consider this option one that may very well happen, but I believe its the smartest move for WWE to take. In an ideal world, I would have Reigns defend his WWE Universal Championship against The Rock on Night 1, retain that title, but then have him drop his WWE Championship to the aforementioned Cody Rhodes. This not only makes sense but would finally separate both titles and lead to more compelling storylines in the long run. You also kill two birds with one stone by finally getting The Rock back in WWE to face Reigns, whilst also giving Rhodes his big moment.

Gable Steveson Makes His In-ring Debut

WWE's Gable Steveson

When Steveson first signed with the company, he had high expectations. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we have not seen Steveson in a match up to this point. Yes, he has had some segments here and there, most notably at last year’s WrestleMania. But we still need to see what he has to offer. He could truly become a big star in WWE due to his athletic background and notoriety. I expect Steveson to debut around Summerslam time, possibly in a match with Chad Gable. Potentially against someone with an amateur wrestling background like a Matt Riddle too.

Logan Paul Wins a Championship

WWE's Logan Paul

Logan Paul proved in 2022 that he was ready for the spotlight in WWE. He had great matches and showed his doubters that he can perform in the ring with the best of them. Whether it’s the Intercontinental or United States Championship, or maybe even some tag team gold with his brother Jake Paul, Logan is more than ready to hold some responsibility in 2023. I expect a great year out of Paul, starting with a marquee match at WrestleMania with a high-profile opponent like John Cena or Brock Lesnar.

Chelsea Green Returns to WWE; Becomes the New Leader of Toxic Attraction

Chelsea Green

A Chelsea Green (and Matt Cardona) return to WWE seems probable. However, the last time Green was in WWE, things didn’t go well. She was not only injury prone, but she was involved in start-and-stop pushes that did nothing to build up her own credibility. In this case, I would have Green come in as the new leader of Toxic Attraction. We’ve already heard from both Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne that new members are a possibility, and what better person to add than someone who can play that type of hot stuck-up character than Green. Green’s strong suit is her character work. She has a great deal of charisma and could become a valuable asset for the women’s division.

FTR Leaves AEW for WWE


FTR are beginning to drop all of their gold, and with their contracts expiring in April of 2023, the idea of them leaving AEW seems not too far-fetched. The decorated tandem has done everything imaginable outside of WWE. They’ve become tag team champions in practically every relevant promotion and have shown once again that they are the best tag team in the world. With the new regime taking over in WWE, Triple H will surely want to have his former NXT boys back with him.

Sasha Banks/Mercedes Mone returns to WWE

Sasha Banks

Mercedes Mone, fka Sasha Banks, is in NJPW, doing her part in elevating their newly formed women’s division. A match with Kairi is looming, and she will presumably be sticking around in New Japan for more matches beyond the Kairi one. However, Mone not being a factor in two of the major wrestling promotions, seems unlikely. She is too big of a name to be tied down to New Japan for the long-term. I expect Mone to return to WWE around mid to late 2023, and hopefully she gets the money she rightfully deserves. She is still in her prime and she will surely be ready to prove to her few doubters that she is still The Boss.

Robert Roode Returns to His “Glorious” Days

WWE's Robert Roode

Roode is currently out with a neck injury, but when he returns, I predict Roode will return to his great “Glorious” days in WWE. Bring back the robe, ditch the stache, and have Roode come back rejuvenated. The gimmick worked great for him during his NXT run. Also, with Triple H in charge, we are more likely to see superstars go back to personas that work for them. With this, Roode can move out of the tag team scene, and become a staple in the midcard division on either Raw or SmackDown.

Tyson Fury Wrestles

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is a big name in the world of sports. Now that his boxing days are seemingly over, there is the possibility that he makes a leap into WWW. Ideally, I would love to see Fury and Drew McIntyre have a match together. The two of them joining forces to face a credible tag team could also work. However, don’t bank on Fury facing someone like Lesnar or Reigns. But I do believe that Fury wants to have another match in WWE. Anything he does will draw eyes and more than certain, give him a victory.

Big E Comes Back from Injury

WWE's Big E

This is a prediction that we all just hope and pray happens. Big E is a great performer in every single way. His presence is without a doubt missed. On a more human level, he has genuinely proven to be an amazing individual outside the ring. The return of Big E would be one of the best moments of the year. It would also provide us with the full reunion of The New Day.

What “bold” predictions to you believe will happen this year? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

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