Saturday, June 22, 2024
Editorial​Daniel Bryan Thinks It's Creepy When He Plays WWE 2K16 As Himself...

​Daniel Bryan Thinks It’s Creepy When He Plays WWE 2K16 As Himself – Details Inside



Tabloid! in Dubai (via Gulf News) recently spoke to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, who was recently in Dubai to attend Games 15 and promote WWE 2K16. According to Bryan, it’s very creepy to play as himself in the game.

Bryan stated: “It’s super weird… people can go play as me. I’ve been able to play as myself and it’s very realistic. It moves like I move and it kicks like I kick. It does my ‘YES’ chant like I do my ‘YES’ chant. It’s very surreal and a little bit creepy. But it’s really neat!”

WWE 2K16 is due out on October 27.

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