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Editorial​Mason Ryan Talks About A Potential Return To WWE, A Debut With...

​Mason Ryan Talks About A Potential Return To WWE, A Debut With TNA, His Run In WWE & More



Former WWE performer Mason Ryan was recently interviewed by Tom Feaheny, here are the highlights…

On his run in the WWE: “It was a dream come true, moving to America and living the American lifestyle and on top of that being able to do what I’ve dreamt of on TV in front of millions of people of TV and thousands of people in stadiums all over the world, was hard to describe, I loved it it was everything I dreamed of and more.”

On the differences wrestling on the indie scene and in the WWE: “The indie scene is different to the WWE, your lucky with the WWE, everything is taken care for you, your flights, merchandise, all the shows are lined up. Wrestling is always wrestling, it’s something that I love, it’s an art form and I love to have people come along and enjoy the shows, the biggest difference is there is a lot more on me to organize stuff.”

On if he’s interested in going back to WWE or iMPACT! Wrestling: “I’d consider it, I’d be crazy not to, but I’ve enjoyed traveling the world, I’ve been in Japan, I’m going to Germany and France then going to America, then going back to Japan, my schedule is pretty busy, it’s kind of non-stop, but obviously Impact Wrestling is a great company and WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, so the door is 100 percent open.”

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