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Editorial​MUST-LISTEN AUDIO: Sean "X-Pac" Waltman & Chyna Argue On Live Radio Earlier...

​MUST-LISTEN AUDIO: Sean “X-Pac” Waltman & Chyna Argue On Live Radio Earlier Today



Chyna recently appeared on the “Opie and Jim” show on Sirius/XM satellite radio. During her appearance, Sean Waltman called into the show o dispute allegations of rape and more. Here is a recap of the appearance, courtesy of

-Chyna said she went to Japan because of “complete, total chaos.” She said everything that happened in pro wrestling and then entering the media bubble caused her to be “misconceived in the public eye.” She said she was no longer remembered for all the great things she did in wrestling and instead “became this monster.”

-Chyna said she dated Triple H for five years and then he ended up cheating with Stephanie McMahon. Chyna said she was never given a reason why she was not re-signed by WWE. She said the last thing Vince McMahon said to her was that blood is thicker than water and he would be in touch with her. She claimed she got a fax at a deli store informing her that her services were no longer needed in WWE. She said she learned that Hunter was cheating on her when she found a love note from Stephanie in his briefcase that was dated a year earlier.

-She addressed her claim that Triple H once struck her. She spoke about how she loved Hunter and didn’t know that he was having an affair with Stephanie for a year. She said she had to leave the relationship “due to the incident that happened.” She said she knew that something wasn’t right, and checked the entire house for proof of the affair. She said she could have dealt with Triple H and Stephanie being together because “you can’t stop love” but didn’t like being made to feel like she was crazy. She said Hunter didn’t beat her and abuse her, but there was an incident. She said that if Hunter and Stephanie had been honest with her it may have been a different story, but instead it led to “so much chaos.”

-After the breakup, Chyna said she pursued a Hollywood career. She said she figured she would get a sitcom or another vehicle. She said no one could hire her in the Hollywood world because she left WWE and there was no explanation. She said the fact that she wasn’t allowed to use her name at the time was also an issue. It was noted that she legally changed her name to Chyna, which is why she can use it.

-Chyna was asked why she did porn. She said she had never watched a porn film before. She said it’s a big business and she never judged the people involved, but she didn’t want to do it. She said that when Sean Waltman went to China behind her back and made a deal to release one of their personal sex tapes. Jim Norton brought up that you need to sign a release. She shifted the conversation to how Waltman entered her life as a knight in shining armor. She said she now believes that this was a setup because Waltman is friends with Hunter. She said she and Waltman were engaged within a matter of weeks.

-Chyna was asked whether she feels Waltman was ever in love with her. She said no. She also alleged that Waltman was into other men. “People do crazy things for drugs,” she said. Chyna said she was naive and didn’t know how people acted when they were on so many drugs. She claimed she has never had a problem with drugs, but she said maybe drinking. The hosts mentioned Triple H and steroids, and she said it was none of her business.

-Chyna said a guy she was dating contacted Vivid Entertainment and told them he could get her. She said she got a return phone call for a call she had never made. She said she dumped the guy and decided to meet the head of the company and discuss it. She said she decided there was nothing wrong with doing it. She said she wishes she had made more money from the porn deal, but she said she was treated very well. She said she still gets some money from it. “Everybody wants a porno, so here’s your porno,” she said. Chyna said the whole experience “was really great” and the only thing she felt was that she had been so broken down that she didn’t feel beautiful enough to be in that position. “The whole thing was awesome,” she said. “If you’re going to do it, go big.” Chyna said she has never watched it and just wants to take the experience with her.

-Chyna noted that she is now a vegan. She said she decided to change her looks after wrestling. She said she was wrestling men in Japan for Antonio Inoki and it wasn’t about her physique.

-One of the hosts pointed out that it seemed like she had some issues with drugs when she appeared on reality television, yet she said she has never had issues with drugs. She said drinks were being drugged. “I know someone spiked my drink,” Chyna said. The hosts pushed her to say who spike her drink. She said it was one shady wrestler. The host questioned whether she was date raped. She said she doesn’t think so, but she blacked out and there were days missing even though she had only had one drink or one sip. Norton asked why someone would drug her drink. She said that way the person could call the police and claim she was crazy or beating on him.

-Sam Roberts was asked whether he’s talked with Waltman about Chyna’s claims. He said Waltman thought he made peace with Chyna online, but it turned out it wasn’t Chyna he was communicating with. Roberts said Waltman doesn’t cover up his own drug use, but he makes it seem like it was a two way street. Roberts said Chyna also agreed to release their sex tape and that she was paid upfront. “Clearly not,” Chyna said.

-Norton noted that she had cuts on her arm. She said that started after the sex tape. She said she made suicide attempts. Chyna claimed she made all of the cuts on her arm in one day. She said she used a butcher’s knife to make all of the cuts. She said she made a phone call to her sister on Christmas and thought would listen and when that didn’t happen she said f— it. Chyna said her sister told her that if she was looking for money she didn’t have any and hung up on her. “It was like I was a monster,” Chyna said. “There was no way out of it for me.”

-Chyna said she was put in a mental ward following her suicide attempt. She said she woke up the next morning after her attempt ran out in the street beforehand and assumed that the cops would come and shoot her. She said she spent one month in the mental ward. She said that was the reality check that turned everything around.

-One of the hosts said Waltman checked in via Twitter. Waltman said that she cashed a check for the sex tape.

-Waltman was given the hotline number to call in. Chyna said she was trying to do her own reality show at the time the sex tape came out. Waltman claimed Chyna was paid $100,000 and he could prove it. Chyna denied it and said, “prove it.” Chyna started talking about all the confusion and said “obviously there’s a problem on my end with all of this.” She said she never wanted to do the first sex tape.

-The host read something Waltman wrote about how they both took pharmaceuticals the night the tape was made, and he doesn’t like being accused of rape.

-Waltman joined the show by telephone. He said he couldn’t hear the show, but people were telling him about what was being said. He said he thought they could get past everything by now. He said he never raped Chyna or anyone else. Waltman said he understands why she feels victimized. He admitted he was on drugs and that they did fight a lot. Waltman insisted that she cashed a $100,000 check for the sex tape and signed off on the tape going public.

-Waltman said he regrets their friendship being ruined. Chyna said that when people around you tell you to sign something you just do it. She said she didn’t have a lawyer looking everything over. Waltman said they were both pretty whacked out. Chyna said that if she wasn’t in the right state of mind then that’s another issue. Chyna said she would take the high road because what happened afterward speaks for itself. She said she’s dealing with and is moving on and is going to be happy. Waltman said he hopes so. “You may not believe this, but I want the best for you too,” he said.

-Waltman promised Chyna that he never put a drug in her drink. He said any drug they took they took together. Waltman was asked what type of drugs they did. He said that was up to her to say. Chyna asked if his GHB played a part in this. Waltman said they took it together. He said she also took it when they were still working for WWE. She said that’s not what she was talking about. Waltman said that when people are doing cocaine and crystal meth they get a little paranoid.

-Chyna said his drugs were traumatizing to her. She said she didn’t even know what half the stuff he was taking. Waltman said the funny thing is that when they got together, they were trying to hide their drugs from each other. Waltman said his drug use was worse, but she was doing “a little bit of coke.” Waltman told her that if she owns her shit then it’s easy to be over it.

-One of the hosts noted that she had mentioned he had been with men sexually. Waltman said she told the same thing to Rico Rodriguez when they were both on Surreal Life. Waltman said he’s never been with a man in his life aside from when he was molested as a child. Waltman said she used to watch gay porn and make innuendos. He said maybe she wanted him to be with men.

-Waltman said he thinks it’s silly that they are still going at one another. He asked if they could just squash it. She said she is taking the high road, but none of this is silly to her. “On my children’s life,” Waltman said while swearing that he never put anything in her drinks. She brought up the cops getting involved. Waltman said she admitted to the police that she was abusive, and then she didn’t show up to court. Chyna claimed she got a restraining order against him after he strangled her several times and broke several ribs. “That’s bullshit,” Waltman said.

-Chyna and Waltman exchanged more stories and denials. Waltman said Chyna was convinced that he was sleeping with a female store owner. He asked if she talked to her sister and still believes that her sister stole all her money.

-“All I’m speaking is the truth and you’re full of shit,” Waltman said. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a dick, but I’m trying to mend fences and you keep spewing these f—ing lies. And Hunter never hit you. Hunter never hit you. You told me he just pushed you out of the way because you were all up in his face and trying to get him to hit you.” Chyna mocked him and said she doesn’t remember and that maybe it was the other Chyna on Twitter. Waltman said of course she doesn’t remember that, and she also told him the story in her book about being gang raped was bullshit. “That’s the f—ing truth, she told me that,” Waltman said.

-Waltman said he is in Philadelphia and he would come to their studio and take a lie detector. “Well, we got tomorrow’s show,” one of the hosts said. The host asked if Chyna would take a lie detector. She said she’s taken enough and doesn’t need to defend herself. Waltman said he still has to defend himself to her. Waltman apologized for getting worked up. He said he’s tired of being accused of bullshit.

-Norton asked Chyna if she’s ever lied to get back at a person and it’s spun out of control. She said no, Waltman said he had. Chyna said she wants to move on. Waltman said she can’t move on as long as she keeps telling bullshit lies. Chyna spoke about women going through things like this and not having a voice. “When you make up bullshit lies about people abusing you and about people raping you, you do not represent people who have been abused,” Waltman said. “You are a fraud if you think that you represent women who have been abused. I advocate people who have been sexually abused and I’ve never abused anybody in my life.”

-One of the hosts said he thinks they should back together. Chyna laughed. “Can you f—ing imagine that?” Waltman cracked. The host said it would be the greatest reality show ever. Waltman said it’s been a long time since they talked and he really wanted to have a nice conversation.

-The original home sex tape came up. He said he can understand how she felt violated based on how awful the artwork was. However, he insisted that they both knew and signed off on it. Waltman said the original footage wasn’t enough and they wanted more, so they filmed more. The hosts noted that Waltman sounded very believable. Chyna said she’s done well taking the high road. “Not really, I’m glad you think that,” Waltman said with a laugh. Chyna said it’s not funny. Waltman said Chyna did more for empowerment for women than Billie Jean King because before there was Ronda Rousey there was Chyna. He said she still has a chance to come out of it.

-Waltman said she lied to Dr. Drew by saying she never had a drug problem. Waltman said he doesn’t even know how he could treat her. He said he has witnesses who sold drugs to them. Waltman brought up their code names for drugs and said she better not act like she doesn’t remember. “Here’s the thing, I was in Hollywood, I drank, I got messed up, I did coke,” Chyna finally conceded. “It was part of experimentation. When I was with the girls I did a little bit.”

-Chyna said Waltman’s drug use was way over his head. “I agree one hundred percent,” Waltman said. He told her not to lie about her cocaine use. She said she never did. Waltman said she was doing the exact same things he did, but he was doing a lot of it. Waltman said he was hiding his drug use from her. He said she was snorting it and he was shooting it. Waltman recalled how she one got so messed up that she thought she was being abducted by aliens. “I guess I all of a sudden started lying about this,” Waltman said after Chyna denied that story.

-Chyna said she wasn’t doing more drugs than she initially stated. Waltman told her that admitting it is one of the first steps to getting sober. Chyna said they should cut it here because it was enough. She said Waltman could do his deal another day. “Good luck to you,” Chyna said. Waltman wished her luck and told her he sincerely wishes her the best “but I’m not going to be accused of rape and all this other shit.” The hosts noted that Waltman wanted to make it clear that he never raped Chyna, slept with men, or put anything in her drink, and wanted to make it clear that they negotiated the sex tape together. He once again said he’s happy to back it up with a polygraph. The hosts said they would be in touch. Waltman once again said he really does wish Chyna the best and then left the show.

-After Waltman hung up, Chyna said it finally feels good that she’s able to come to this place. One of the hosts noted that his wife left him for drugs and has a totally different story than he does, and thus he believes Chyna believes what she’s saying. The hosts agreed that Waltman and Chyna had an extraordinarily dysfunctional relationship. They spoke about the documentary that is being done on her life. The hosts said Waltman seemed believable and wants to back it up with a lie detector.

-Chyna asked if she’s ever done anything illegal that prevents her from being in the Hall of Fame or speaking her voice. Norton asked if she may have some selective memory. Chyna said they all know what type of person she is that it got her to the top of the wrestling business. Chyna said no one has reached out in the last 15 years, yet they came to pick up X-Pac and others for rehab. She said the media and dirt sheets won’t protect her.

-Chyna spoke about living in Japan for a few years and spoke highly of the experience. She said she moved back to the United States for her comeback. She said she intends to live in California. The man who accompanied her spoke about the documentary they want to film and noted that they have a Kickstarter page set up. She’s also appearing at a convention in Long Island with Mick Foley and others this weekend. They claimed this was Chyna’s first interview on the matter, which it’s not considering we had another interview recap sent in before this show aired.

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